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Dungeons is an achievement category for achievements earned by completing dungeons. There are 11 Dungeon achievements to be earned for a total of 335Achievement points, including the repeatable Hobby Dungeon Explorer and Dungeon Frequenter achievements.

Dungeons (achievements).png
Dungeons (General)
Total achievements: 11 335Achievement points


  1. ^ Dungeon Frequenter: Requires completion of eight different paths including Story Modes.
Completing the Aetherblade path of Twilight Arbor first can cause all of the other paths to be marked as completed.


  • The "Dungeon Master" achievement was called "Dungeon Explorer" in earlier beta versions. It was changed later on, but "Hobby Dungeon Explorer" was not.
  • These achievements were part of the Explorer category until the July 9th 2013 update.
  • This category was called "Tyria" until the October 21st 2014 update.