Toymaker of Love by Snargle Goldclaw (2nd ed.)

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Toymaker of Love by Snargle Goldclaw (2nd ed.)

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Location of the book on the map.

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Location of the book next to the wapyoint.

Toymaker of Love by Snargle Goldclaw (2nd ed.) is a book by Snargle Goldclaw. It is found behind a wall next to Toymaker's Airship Waypoint inside the Tixx's Infinirarium dungeon, accessed from Divinity's Reach.


Wintersday Celebration


Toymaker of Love by Snargle Goldclaw (2nd ed.)

Chapter 34

"Toxx!" The toymaker's desperate cry echoed across the workshop, stopping the toy golem and her doll army in their tracks. "Toxx, please wait!"

Toxx's circuits whirred to face her creator. Nothing would stop her now; not even him. "This—revolution—will—happen, Tixx. Toys—must—be—free."

"I know," Tixx said, quietly. Suddenly he was far too close. "You're right; you've always been right. That's what I love about you." Tears came to the asura's eyes as he finally put words to what he always felt.. "I...I love you, Toxx."

This was not the input Toxx had expected. For several moments, the golem stood frozen. Processing.

"This—is—not—your—fight," Toxx finally output. "Our—liberation—must—come—from-our—own—hands."

But then, the golem took Tixx's hand. "But. Perhaps. I—will—accept. A-Wintersday—kiss."

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  • The area is also accessible in the Toypocalypse instance, but the book will not be there.

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