Koda's Warmth by Snargle Goldclaw

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Koda's Warmth by Snargle Goldclaw

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Location in The Echovald Wilds.

Koda's Warmth by Snargle Goldclaw is a promotional sample of a novel by Snargle Goldclaw.




Koda's Warmth by Snargle Goldclaw

Chapter 20

"Is there a problem, beast?" Olaf said, puffing out his chest. It was meant to intimidate the kodan, but to his dismay it only served to entangle Rising Hammer further. A moment of silence stretched between the two grizzled warriors, the kodan's claw remaining softly nestled in the norn's luxurious, rippling chest hair.

"I just realized," Rising Hammer said, breaking the silence with his quiet growl, "your fur...is softer than mine."

Olaf's heart skipped a beat. Through all their scuffles, their intense clashes of will, he'd thought of Rising Hammer as an obstacle to be overcome. But in reality, he was always the destination.

Somehow, this kodan had clawed his way into Olaf's heart. And now, being apart was unbearable.

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