Taking Heart by Snargle Goldclaw

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Taking Heart by Snargle Goldclaw

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Bazaar Docks
(Labyrinthine Cliffs)
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Taking Heart map.jpg

Location of the book on the map.

Taking Heart location.jpg

Location of the book next to the Zephyrite.

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Taking Heart by Snargle Goldclaw is a book by Snargle Goldclaw that can be found in Bazaar Docks on a cliff not too far away from a lone Zephyrite.


Maguuma Jungle


Taking Heart by Snargle Goldclaw

Chapter 23

"You've had weeks to work this mark," Legionnaire Breakheart growled through his comm. "You mean to tell me you've learned NOTHING of the Zephyrites' secrets? Not even how to do that lightning thing?"

"I've gained Heart's trust. I've been invited to the order." Leon snapped. "The Aspects will come. I just need time."

"You have until the festival ends next week, Stealheart. Don't disappoint me."

Leon closed his eyes. He could get everything in that week, of course. But did he really want to return to collecting commendations for Ash, letting his Heart sail off into the sky, perhaps forever? Even now, he missed the glint in Heart's eye, the sun in his smile, the wind in his hair, the lightning of his touch.

No! Whatever his Legionnaire wanted, it could wait. For the only Aspect that mattered...was love.

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