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Subdirector NULL

Subdirector NULL was formerly a home-security golem, created by the Consortium and assigned to the disgraced former-Subdirector Blingg. It was appropriated and upgraded by Canach as part of his plan to wreak vengeance upon the Consortium at Southsun Cove.[1]


Historical location[edit]


Combat abilities[edit]

  • Resistant to Mines
  • Controls mines
    • The various mines in Canach's Lair are directly controlled by him. The game will give system messages to inform players of Subdirector NULL's actions – whether he is shielding himself from damage and needs to be lured to a hacked land mine, whether he is going to rearm and regain control of all mines or whether he is going to explode all mines.
  • Summons respawning healing turrets
    • Subdirector NULL can summon Subdirector NULL Repair Turrets, which heal him with fired projectiles until destroyed. These turrets respawn periodically after destruction.
  • Summons orbs of rampant energy
    • Upon reaching 75% health, Subdirector NULL will spawn orbs of Rampant Energy that move about the room. They cannot be harmed and pulse AoE damage to any players in range.
  • Electrolyze
    • When Subdirector NULL reaches approximately 20% health, players start gaining stacks of Electrolyze, causing damage over time until either the player is killed or Subdirector NULL is defeated.