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Rytlock Brimstone

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Edge of Destiny and Guild Wars 2.

Our strength will shake the foundations of the world.

— Rytlock Brimstone

Tribune Rytlock Brimstone is a Blood Legion charr stationed in Black Citadel as part of its vanguard, and a member of Destiny's Edge. He wields the legendary sword Sohothin.


[edit] History

Rytlock first met Logan Thackeray in 1319 AE when Logan, then a scout, ambushed Rytlock's group in the Blazeridge Mountains. Rytlock's group pursued Logan's, but the two were forced to team up when they were attacked by Chiefling Ygor, all the time being watched by the Firstborn sylvari Caithe, who led them to safety. After getting into a fight over Sohothin in Lion's Arch, the trio were thrown into the cells and forced to fight for their freedom by Captain Magnus Irondawn. They fought as Edge of Steel, and were undefeated until a group called Dragonspawn's Destiny bested them and commissioned them to help defeat the Dragonspawn, a champion of Jormag. Thus, Destiny's Edge was formed, and the group went onto many great accomplishments, until their abandonment by Logan during a battle with Kralkatorrik, which resulted in the deaths of both Snaff and Glint. The group parted ways on bad terms thereafter.

In the years since the split of Destiny's Edge, Rytlock rose quickly through the ranks of the Blood Legion, although many charr regarded him as "strange" due to his former association with a human. He was quick to "remind" them that this is no longer the case. In 1325 AE, after Caithe made several attempts to reform Destiny's Edge in order to battle Zhaitan, Rytlock and Logan had a chance encounter at the Citadel of Flame, where both commanded groups seeking to defeat Gaheron Baelfire. After Logan saved Rytlock's life, relations grudgingly improved between the two of them, and after helping Zojja in the Crucible of Eternity they left to the Ruined City of Arah. With the legendary guild reunited, they helped defeat the Elder Dragon aboard the Glory of Tyria.

A year later, Rytlock took part in a defense quorum to address the threat of the Molten Alliance. He has since been testing Rox to see if she is worthy of joining Stone warband.

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[edit] Living World involvement

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Braham: Help from the Legions
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Flame and Frost: Retribution
Rox: Avenger of the Dispossessed
The Origins of Madness
The Origins of Madness: A Moment's Peace

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[edit] Trivia

  • Rytlock is voiced by Steve Blum.
  • Rytlock likely oversees ghost conflicts around the Ascalon City ruins and the Great Northern Wall. This is supported by the fact that Charr fighting around that area report to him (Fural Rageseeker). Also, one of the reasons for his anger at Eir Stegalkin when she disturbed the Ghosts of King Adelbern and his lieutenants in the Ascalon Catacombs, and almost caused them to launch an assault, may have been because he would be responsible for stopping the ghost forces. He was also the only Tribune at the head of the assault on Duke Barradin and his ghosts during the Dukes siege on Smokestead.

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