Victory or Death

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Victory or Death

1325 AE
The Ruined City of Arah
(Cursed Shore)
Fort Trinity
(Straits of Devastation)
All Races
Savior of Tyria
Preceded by
Blast from the Past
Ships of the Line
The Steel Tide

Loading screen

Victory or Death is the final part of both the Pact storyline and the personal story. Having sufficiently weakened Zhaitan, the time is right to reunite Destiny's Edge and strike at the dragon itself. Unlike all other parts of the storyline, this is a dungeon and cannot be played solo. Due to the low difficulty of the dungeon compared to others however it is possible to complete it with only two players, though they will obviously have a harder time on the champions.


Kill the Elder Dragon Zhaitan.

  • Kill Zhaitan.

Return to Fort Trinity and join the victory celebration.

  • Meet Destiny's Edge at Fort Trinity.
  • Enter Fort Trinity.
  • Find Marshal Trahearne.
  • Speak with Marshal Trahearne.
  • Accompany Trahearne to the celebration at Fort Trinity's center.
See also: The Ruined City of Arah (story)#Objectives


All professions
When doing the Fort Trinity final instance with friends who also have the quest, only the person who started the instance will receive their rewards as normal while inside the instance. The others will receive their rewards after they exit the instance.


To complete this personal story, you must finish The Ruined City of Arah (story).

After you kill Zhaitan, you'll be told to meet with Destiny's Edge at Fort Trinity, where many NPCs of note will be present.

Getting there[edit]

The road to The Ruined City of Arah (story) can be challenging. It is recommended to use boons like Swiftness and Stability. It is easier to get there when the pact hold control over the Gates of Arah (meta event)


See The Ruined City of Arah (story)#NPCs for a list of NPCs in the dungeon.




Environmental weapons


These are the dialogues in the Fort Trinity instance. See The Ruined City of Arah (story) for the dialogues there.

Talking with the Destiny's Edge members
Caithe: "Congratulations, Commander. Trahearn and I both owe you special thanks for helping us with our Wyld Hunts. If you keep helping Firstborn this way, we may have to make you an honorary sylvari."
Talk end option tango.png
That's quite an honor, Caithe. Thank you.
(As sylvari)
"Congratulations, Commander. Our shared Wyld Hunt started together, so it's fitting that we end it together. We've more to do, but for now, rejoice: this victory will become part of the Dream."
Talk end option tango.png
Let's hope it inspires the next generation of sylvari.
Zojja: "Hmm. I didn't expect you succeed so spectacularly. Now I have to recalculate my Heroic Potential Matrix. Thanks a lot for the extra work. Oh, and for cleansing Orr, killing Zhaitan, and so on..."
Talk end option tango.png
You're too kind. Come on, let's do some celebrating!'
(As asura)
"You must be feeling awfully proud of yourself ...cleansing Orr, killing an Elder Dragon. Go on, brag a bit: you deserve it. I hereby declare you the best Snaff Prize Savant ever."
Talk end option tango.png
Couldn't have done it without you, Zojja. Now, let's have some fun!
Eir Stegalkin: "You've done amazing things for the Pact, Commander. All Tyria owes you an immeasurable debt. On behalf of Garm and Destiny's Edge, thank you."
Talk end option tango.png
On behalf of everyone who fought for the Pact, you're welcome.
(As norn)
"Thank the Spirits we found each other. Tyria needed a hero, and I... I needed a purpose. You've given us all that, and more. Well done. The skaalds will be singing your songs for generations."
Talk end option tango.png
And when they also sing of you and Garm, I'll sing along.
Logan Thackeray: "I salute you, Commander, and not just because you outrank me. None of this would have been possible without you. You've made Tyria safer, stronger, and more secure."
Talk end option tango.png
We made it that way, Captain. So we deserve to celebrate. Let's![sic]
(As human)
"I know your current rank is commander, but you'll always be the Hero of Shaemoor to me. Congratulations, Hero."
Talk end option tango.png
Same to you, Captain. Now let's celebrate. We've earned it.
Rytlock Brimstone: "I'm impressed, Commander. I may bring you in to the Black Citadel to give the brass some lessons on how to conduct a campaign from the field. When you got a moment, I'd like to toast to your victory."
Talk end option tango.png
I like both of those ideas, Tribune. Let's get started.
(As charr)
"I turn my back on you for a moment, and suddenly you're saving the world. Nice work, soldier. Let's show these civilians how to celebrate, and then... bring on the next Elder Dragon!"
Talk end option tango.png
I hope that's an order, Tribune. Because I intend to comply.
Initial cinematic
Trahearne: Victory at last.
Trahearne: With Zhaitan defeated, the corruption it wrought can be undone.
Trahearne: The dragon's undead minions that still infest Tyria will now gradually be exterminated.
Trahearne: One day soon, that plague will be but a memory.
Follow-up cinematic
Eir Stegalkin: Courage, skill, and friendship brought the dragon low. Let this day never be forgotten!
Logan Thackeray: A victory that all Tyria can share!
Rytlock Brimstone: This is not an ending. There are other dragons out there. Other battles.
Zojja: You shambling fuzz-ball. Can't you just be happy?
Rytlock Brimstone: I was being happy.
Caithe: Will you return to your queen now, Logan?
Logan Thackeray: No. Not until I know that Kryta's safe.
Rytlock Brimstone: Meaning he's up for more fighting. See? Logan's happy, too.
Eir Stegalkin: Snaff would be proud of us. Especially of you, Zojja.
Zojja: Proud that we didn't screw up and plant our faces in the mud again, you mean? I guess he would, at that.
Eir Stegalkin: So who's next? Jormag...Primordus...Kralkatorrik?
Caithe: As dawn scatters shadows, so we will destroy them all.
Caithe: We could not have done this without you. Thank you.
<Character name>: You're welcome. You can count on me.
Caithe: Good. Because Eir is right. The rest of the dragons are still out there, waiting.
Upon approaching the different groups of NPCs in Alseta Generator's plaza
Crusader Ellye Jeyne: So, tough guy: How'd a high profile swashbuckler like you get into the Order of Whispers?
Benn Tennstrikes: I'm good at what they do. I may not fit their recruiting profile, but I get results.
Benn Tennstrikes: What's your excuse? A vivacious lass like you joined the uptight and straight-laced Vigil?
Crusader Ellye Jeyne: Ha! That makes two of us that "don't fit the profile." Let's have a drink and we can see what else we have in common.
Merri Sunbower: Look at that swell-headed child. So busy chatting up Crusader Jeyne he doesn't even notice we're here.
Fel Vaerdenmer: Leave him be. The last thing he needs in those circumstances is Mum and Dad looming over him.
Fel Vaerdenmer: Besides, she's just what he needs. If those two hit it off, she'll straighten him right out.
Beigarth: Why aren't you lot drinking? We're smiths! Ahh, don't tell me you're not thirsty after a long day's smelt.
Occam: I don't much like large groups. Or small groups, come to think of it.
Izu Steelshrike: I fear I am also more reserved than you, friend norn. Don't let that stop you.
Izu Steelshrike: This is a celebration, after all, so we're counting on you to celebrate for all three of us.
Bekk: All that, and still intact. I'm starting to believe we can survive anything.
Hester Galen: That's always the last thing somebody says right before lightning strikes. Step away from Bekk.
Urond Ramshearne: No, he's right. We should take on the next Elder Dragon ourselves. I hear the meat makes good sausages.
Braccus Jawsmash: Well, they want to devour the world, right? Only fitting they wind up on the end of Urond's fork.
Talking to the different NPCs in Alseta Generator's plaza
Crusader Ellye Jeyne: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Benn Tennstrikes: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Merri Sunbower: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Fel Vaerdenmer: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Izu Steelshrike: "This was an intriguing and rewarding challenge, Commander. My people tend to keep to themselves, but when they hear about my experiences, I expect it'll draw out some."
Talk end option tango.png
Glad to hear it. The Pact needs more talent like yours.
Belgarth: "My forge is famous throughout the world! My weapons have slain griffons, elementals, wurms, and now Elder Dragons. Commander, welcome! Care to join us?
Talk end option tango.png
Later. I'd hate to interrupt your boasting.
Occam: "I'm honored to be included in the celebration, Commander. And though I loathe crowds, speaking with Beigarth makes it easier. All I have to do is smile and nod when he pauses for breath."
Talk end option tango.png
That's a useful skill to have, Occam. Enjoy the party.
Bekk: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Hester Galen: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Urond Ramshearne: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Braccus Jawsmash: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Elli: Please tell Marshal Trahearne how much I appreciate the memorial. Zott and the others deserve every honor we can bestow, and then some.
Talk end option tango.png
I'll make sure no one forgets. The memorial is just the beginning.
Agent Zrii: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Upon approaching the different groups of NPCs in Armada Harbor
Pact Demolitionist Strixel: Now that the battle's over, I'm dying to inspect the defensive systems on the Pact airships.
Researcher Barron: Knock that kind of talk on its head, sonny. We've got some major merry to be makin'!
Researcher Fero: Yeah! There'll be time to talk about cannons and time-release mines after the kegs have all run dry.
Pact Demolitionist Strixel: Time-release mines? Genius! All right, let's polish off that ale so we can get back to business.
Wjerd Bladeborn: Quiet now, quiet! A toast among the champions: to Marshal Trahearne and the cleansing of Orr!
Famke the Fair: To the end of Zhaitan! The dragon had a good run, but was no match for us!
Pier Darkmountain: No match for the Commander, you mean. To the Dragonslayer!
Fibharr Ygosson: Aye, to the commander, the marshal, and the entire Pact. Drink!
Gara: My people still face challenges. I'll meet them later. Now, we celebrate.
Shashoo: Coo! So many, enjoying such a great victory. Quaggan is soOoo happy!
Ftokchak: Slow-talker, just say, "We win, yes, yes! Horray! Now, drink more drinks!"
Lagula: In all my years, that's the single smartest thing I've heard a skritt say.
Talking to the different NPCs in Armada Harbor
Pact Demolitionist Strixel: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Researcher Barron: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Researcher Fero: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Wjerd Bladeborn: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Famke the Fair: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Pier Darkmountain: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Fibharr Ygosson: "."
Talk end option tango.png
Gara: "I've seen more than I ever dreamed possible. The dragon wielded godly power, but the Pact destroyed it anyway. I have much to think about, much to share with my people."
Talk end option tango.png
There'll be time for thinking later. Right now, we celebrate.
Speaker Iknui: "I kept my vow: I slayed countless Risen to avenge my brother. Fighting dragons makes the world safer for my people. When you or your Pact need us, we will aid you."
Talk end option tango.png
Thank you. Now, please, relax and enjoy the celebration.
Shashoo: "Hoo, Commander! Quaggan congratulates you and the Pact. Quaggan has learned a lot by joining the fight. Quaggan will need that experience if quaggan wants to lead."
Talk end option tango.png
Glad to hear it. I hope we see more quaggans in the Pact soon.
Ftokchak: "Pact party, yes-yes! Victory, fun, shinies, shinies, shinies! Commander is my best friend...ever. Underground rock dragon next, yes-yes? Cant have new scratch go boom like old one."
Talk end option tango.png
Don't worry, Ftockchak. Your new scratch will be safe.
Lagula: "I heard a minstrel singing about how we ogres tried to tame Zhaitan instead of killing it. It makes us sound like fools. If I see him again, I'm going to tame his mouth."
Talk end option tango.png
Just don't kill him. It's spoil such a festive occasion.
Upon approaching the different groups of NPCs outside Caer Aval
Gixx: This is truly remarkable, and so I shall remark upon it: we have achieved the unthinkable!
Riel Darkwater: We've all been thinking it, Gixx. It took the commander and the marshal to make it happen.
Gixx: There's plenty yet to do. More dragons to confront, and I'm delivering an important lecture in the morning.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Listen to yourselves. I swear, spies and scholars. This is a victory party. Shut up and start having fun!
Talking to the different NPCs outside Caer Aval
Gixx: "Ah, Commander. Join us in a toast. May the remaining Elder Dragons follow Zhaitan into the Mists and, eventually, into irrelevance!"
Talk end option tango.png
And may they do so faster than Zhaitan did.
(As Priory)
"Quite the soiree, Commander. Since you've gotten such good results as Pact Commander, the Priory can spare you for a little while longer. I'm sure you'll make up the time later."
Talk end option tango.png
Absolutely. Once the Elder Dragons are all dealt with.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: "You and the Pact have done well, Commander. I'm glad to be a part of it. May this be the first of many such celebrations.
Talk end option tango.png
Agreed. To victory, and the Pact!
(As Vigil)
"This is the Vigil's greatest victory yet, all thanks to you and the Pact. I'm proud to have you among my ranks. I salute you, Commander. Let this be the first of many such celebrations."
Talk end option tango.png
Thank you, General.
Riel Darkwater: "One down, four to go. May they never see us coming until it's too late!"
Talk end option tango.png
Cheers to that.
(As Order of Whispers)
"One-fifth of our order's primary goal: complete. Nicely done, Commander. And a big, loud party like this one helps conceal the preparations we're making for the next Elder Dragon confrontation."
Talk end option tango.png
I'll be ready for the next dragon, Mas-I mean, Riel.
Sayeh al'Rajihd: "You continue to impress me, Commander. No one in any of the Tethyos Houses has ever taken down such an imposing target. I shall be watching to see what you accomplish next."
Talk more option tango.png
When you say that, it sounds like a threat.
"Only a fool would warn her prey with a treat...unless that threat was part of a plan, of course. But enough of such things. Go, Commander. Celebrate your victory."
Talk end option tango.png
I hope you'll join us...and stay where I can see you.
Talk end option tango.png
Thanks. Rest assured I'll be watching for you, too.
Upon approaching the different groups of NPCs inside Caer Aval
Galena Edgecrusher: So I said, "The thing you're best at is pressing laundry. That's why you're the Iron Legion!"
Snarl Backdraft: In front of Tribune Goreblade? You Bloodies really are crazy. He hates that joke.
Galena Edgecrusher: So what? Brimstone and Desertgrave laughed. Two tribunes pro, one con. The joke's funny.
Snarl Backdraft: Can't argue with that—not when whiskey's a-callin'. (laughs) Come on, funny girl: let's have another!
Talking to the different NPCs inside Caer Aval
Galena Edgecrusher: "Snarl...he growls at me all the time. In battle, in victory, in defeat...whatever. I think he's got a thing for me, but it's hard to tell with Ash-trash."
Talk end option tango.png
I'm not getting between you two for any reason. Good luck, though.
Snarl Backdraft: "Stick around, Commander. Galina will never admit it, but she's head-over-tail in live with me. For a Bloodie, she's surprisingly subtle about such things."
Talk end option tango.png
Either she's subtle, or you're wrong. Either way, have fun.
Scholar Inkblood: "You just missed Amphebe doing all her best tricks. She doesn't usually likes parties, but even she knows this is a special occasion. Want me to wake her up for an encore?"
Talk end option tango.png
Not necessary. I'll catch up with her later.
Crusader Afanen: "The Pale Reavers are with you, Commander. Winning wars and celebrating victories—whenever you need us, we'll be."
Talk end option tango.png
Glad to hear it. There'll be plenty of both in the future.
Warden Hywel: "A magnificent celebration for a magnificent victory. And when the festivity ends, the Pale Reavers will be ready for the next battle."
Talk end option tango.png
Until then, enjoy the party.
When talking to Trahearne (cinematic)
<Character name>: Hiding from the crowds, Trahearne? That won't do. The world needs to see the Pact Marshal celebrating!
Trahearne: Not hiding, my friend, thinking. Completing my Wyld Hunt lifted a weight from me, but Zhaitan is still a terrible threat.
Trahearne: Now that threat is truly gone, it feels like the sun has finally emerged after a cold, endless night.
Trahearne: I can't help but wonder...what's next? Now that we've formed this unstoppable alliance and tempered it in battle, where do we take it?
<Character name>: To the next challenge. The next victory. There are more Elder Dragons to confront...and now we know how. We know they can be defeated.
<Character name>: First, we celebrate. We won, Marshal. It would be a crime not to stop and appreciated that.
<Character name>: Come on. There's an army of people and an ocean of libations waiting. All of Tyria deserves to share this triumph, including you. Join us!
After the cinematic on the way back to the crowd
Trahearne: The world owers you a great debt, Commander. As long as I am Marshal of the Pact, I will see that debt honored.
Trahearne: My only regret is that I was not there to see Zhaitan fall. But I shall look forward to the skaalds celebrating your triumph.
Trahearne: Congratulations, Commander. We've earned the right to set down our burdens for a time and celebrate.
When meeting with Trahearne with Destiny's Edge
Trahearne: Zhaitan's defeat has saved many lives. More importantly, it has restored hope to a desperate world.
Trahearne: The dragons are not stars in the sky. They can be counted. They can be fought. One day, we will kill the last of them. Only then will Tyria be safe.
Trahearne: This is a new beginning for Orr, and for Tyria—a clear sky after a long storm.
Trahearne: This day is ours.
Trahearne: "."
Talk end option tango.png
After credits
Wozmack the Wonderful: Ta-daaa! Hmm...okay, what'd I miss?
Wozmack the Wonderful: "."
Talk end option tango.png

My Story[edit]

Victory or Death.jpg

With the help of a reunited Destiny's Edge, the Pact was able to accomplish the impossible: the slaying of an Elder Dragon. Zhaitan has fallen, and while the Pact's work is far from over, we have achieved a major victory. We agreed to continue the fight against the remaining Elder Dragons after we take a moment to honor the fallen and celebrate this triumph.

I returned to Fort Trinity and joined the assembly of soldiers, scholars, spies and citizens celebrating the fall of Zhaitan. The Pact stood triumphant, but we did not delude ourselves. Swarms of Risen still roam Tyria, and there are four more Elder Dragons to contend with. We knew that soon we would once again rise up to defend our world, but that didn't stop us from taking this opportunity to savor a well-earned victory.

My story


Finishing story mode before receiving Victory or Death will not allow you to skip it when you do receive it; but it still counts toward achievements.


  • There is no evidence ruling in or out the possibility that the remaining four dragons might include the deep sea dragon.
  • Victory or Death is a former Guild Wars Guild versus Guild mechanic in which guild lords for both teams will go into sudden death after enough time has elapsed.
  • The instance ends with the song "Fear Not This Night" from the Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack featuring the singing voice of Asja Kadric.
  • Wozmack the Wonderful (an NPC from Welcome Home, part of the Human storyline) will appear at the end of the celebration to perform tricks at the player's request, with a finale that includes confetti and a flock of dancing, ghostly moas. To see him, wait in the personal instance of Fort Trinity for a while after receiving the quest reward from Trahearne and after the song ends. Talk to him a few times to see his tricks.
  • As of a post-release update, the song "Fear Not This Night" is accompanied by a scrolling credits sequence that overlays on top of the game world. It is not known when this was added.