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Disambig icon.png This article is about the role of the player in the story. For the mastery, see Pact Commander Mastery.
Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.

The hero sought to save the world. "If I keep trying, I'll be able to win," the hero thought. But the harder the hero fought, the further the world seemed to tumble away.

The Sword Regrown

The Pact Commander is the player's character. Initially given different titles depending on story progress, the player character eventually becomes widely known as the Pact Commander, the second-in-command of the Pact under Marshal Trahearne. Along with this role of leadership in the Pact, the player is a member of the reformed Destiny's Edge and Dragon's Watch guilds as well as a high ranking member of their chosen Order.

The Pact Commander will still be referred to by their equivalent racial or Order rank on occasion.

Other titles[edit]

Race-based titles
  • Snaff Savant - as an asura, starting after tutorial
  • Legionnaire - as a charr, starting after tutorial
  • Centurion - as a charr, starting in chapter 3 of the personal story
  • Hero of Shaemoor - as a human, starting after tutorial
  • Advocate of the Crown - as a human, starting in chapter 3 of the personal story (temporary title)
  • Slayer of Issormir - as a norn, starting after tutorial
  • Valiant - as a sylvari, starting after tutorial
  • Herald of the Pale Tree - as a sylvari, starting in chapter 3 of the personal story (temporary title)
Order-based titles
  • Initiate, Agent, Lightbringer - as a member of the Order of Whispers, during chapters 4, 5, and starting in chapter 6 respectively
  • Novice, Explorer, Magister - as a member of the Durmand Priory, during chapters 4, 5, and starting in chapter 6 respectively
  • Recruit, Crusader, Warmaster - as a member of the Vigil, during chapters 4, 5, and starting in chapter 6 respectively
Other titles


Personal story[edit]

Primary article: Personal story

The hero who would come to be known as the Pact Commander initially rose to fame early on in 1325 AE among members of their own race, accomplishing a heroic feat which gave them their first title or rank: Hero of Shaemoor for humans, Legionnaire for charr, Slayer of Issormir for norn, Snaff Savant for asura, or Valiant for sylvari. Following this early triumph, the hero continued fighting against threats to their race and worked alongside their race's authority figure who was also a member of the famous adventurer's guild Destiny's Edge: Logan Thackeray for humans, Rytlock Brimstone for charr, Eir Stegalkin for norn, Zojja for asura, or Caithe for sylvari.

As the hero's fame spread, they were eventually persuaded to join one of the three Orders of Tyria called the Durmand Priory, the Order of Whispers and the Vigil where they rapidly rose through the ranks while going on missions alongside their chosen Order's mentor: the sylvari Magister Sieran for the Priory, the charr Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw for the Order of Whispers, or the norn Warmaster Forgal Kernsson for the Vigil. The hero and the mentor assisted other races—grawl, hylek, ogres, quaggan and skritt—against minions of the Elder Dragons while gaining valuable allies in the process.

The missions for the Orders eventually led the hero and their mentor to learn of the threat that Zhaitan, the Elder Dragon of Shadow and Death, and its Risen minions posed to the hub city of Lion's Arch. The Risen's attempted invasion led to the Battle of Claw Island during which the mentor perished. The hero, their allies from the Order and the defenders of Lion's Arch eventually reclaimed Claw Island from Zhaitan's champion, Blightghast the Plaguebringer, and pushed the Risen back.

With the Risen becoming a bigger threat to all of Tyria, the hero began working with the sylvari scholar Trahearne, who had specialized in Zhaitan and the dragon's domain in the Ruins of Orr, and became close friends with him. Trahearne and the hero managed to convince all three bickering Orders to form an alliance known as the Pact so they could take the fight to Zhaitan and end its threat before its army would become unstoppable. After proving his worth with the hero's help, Trahearne became the Marshal of the Pact while the hero became his second-in-command, the Pact Commander. A vision provided by the Pale Tree, the mother of the sylvari who was opposed to the Elder Dragons, further proved how important it was for Trahearne to lead the Pact and reclaim Orr from Zhaitan but that all of Destiny's Edge would need to stand united as well for the campaign to succeed.

While Trahearne prepared the Pact for an all-out invasion of Orr, the Commander took the time to help out members of Destiny's Edge in their respective missions in various dungeons with hopes of reuniting all the five bickering heroes so they could lend their assistance in the war against Zhaitan. After many tries, the Commander succeeded in persuading them to work together while also foiling the schemes of many villainous factions of various races such as Bandits, Flame Legion, Inquest, Nightmare Court and Sons of Svanir along the way.

The Commander also had to confront their greatest fear which led to their darkest hour that tested their character and integrity. Despite losing friends and facing many dangers along the way, the Commander overcame their fears and became more motivated than ever to stop Zhaitan.

With the might of the Pact behind them, Trahearne and the Commander pushed deep into Orr, using the respective strengths of the three Orders to devise ways to weaken Zhaitan's army and the dragon itself. The Commander assisted in turning the tide in the war by helping Trahearne purify Zhaitan's main source of magic sustenance, the Source of Orr, right before the final assault on the Elder Dragon itself.

The Commander, assisted by the reunited Destiny's Edge, faced Zhaitan in aerial combat above the skies of Arah, the fallen capital of Orr, aboard the Pact's flagship named The Glory of Tyria. After a fierce battle, the Pact defeated Zhaitan, marking the first known victory over an Elder Dragon throughout Tyria's history, which acted as proof that the rest of the Elder Dragons could be stopped one day as well. A victory celebration was held afterwards, and Tyria faced a brighter future.

Living World Season 1[edit]

Primary article: Living World Season 1

While Trahearne had the Pact mopping up the remaining Risen, who were still causing trouble after Zhaitan's demise, as well as planning the eventual assault on the other known Elder Dragons, the Pact Commander took a leave of absence. The Commander was caught up in local issues, including karka invasions, the Molten Alliance's attacks on norn and charr alike, the rogue sylvari Canach's assaults on the Consortium on the newly discovered Southsun Cove, battles against the Aetherblades, political campaigns between Ellen Kiel and Evon Gnashblade as well as being introduced to the nomadic Zephyrites.

When Queen Jennah came under assault by the mad sylvari mastermind Scarlet Briar, the Commander learned that Scarlet had been behind many of the nefarious alliances which had caused trouble all around Tyria. Although the attempt on Jennah's life failed, Scarlet fled and continued spreading chaos elsewhere with help from the Toxic Alliance, prompting the Commander to focus their efforts on figuring out what Scarlet and her various alliances were after. The Commander teamed up with various adventurers—Braham Eirsson, Rox, Kasmeer Meade, Marjory Delaqua, and Taimi—and befriended them while working with them. Their team began tracking down the sylvari terrorist.

After foiling Scarlet's schemes but failing to catch the mad sylvari who eluded them at every turn, the Commander finally learned that Scarlet had gathered her alliances to combine their technology, magic and know-how to invade Lion's Arch itself in order to access the ley lines underneath the city. The Commander and allies participated in the Battle for Lion's Arch and ultimately defeated Scarlet and her alliances but not before Scarlet destroyed the city and redirected the ley lines to the Heart of Maguuma in the west. Before her demise, Scarlet gloated that her death would change nothing and that all of Tyria would soon bow to a new master, leaving the future of the world uncertain and prompting the Commander's team to investigate what had truly been driving Scarlet's actions.

Living World Season 2[edit]

Primary article: Living World Season 2

The Pact Commander's team traveled to Dry Top and found the crashed Zephyrite fleet. They discovered that Aerin, a recent sylvari Zephyrite convert, had turned against his allies because he had wanted something from the Zephyrites' leader, the Master of Peace. Although Aerin was stopped, the Master of Peace continued his trek westward alone, and the Commander's team noted similarities between Aerin and Scarlet's mad and destructive actions. The Commander researched Scarlet's past for clues and located a strange machine which had driven Scarlet mad after she had entered it. The Commander accidentally entered the machine and was subjected to a mind-opening experience about the nature of Tyria but was pulled out just in time to remain sane albeit with more questions than answers.

During further investigations, the Commander's party learned of a new threat: the Mordrem who were minions of Mordremoth, the Elder Dragon of Plant and Mind. The Commander convinced the leaders of various nations to band together and fund the Pact so they could focus on Mordremoth who proved to be the greatest immediate threat to Tyria since Zhaitan. A world summit was held in the Grove which came under attack by the Shadow of the Dragon, one of Mordremoth's champions, which gravely injured the Pale Tree before fleeing. Before passing out, the Pale Tree showed the Commander a cryptic vision of an egg, a golden city, the Shadow of the Dragon, and what seemed to be Mordremoth's encroaching vines.

The vision prompted the Commander to seek answers from the old dwarf Ogden Stonehealer in the Durmand Priory. The Commander learned that the vision had shown the last egg of Glint, a benevolent dragon who had assisted the races of Tyria and Destiny's Edge against the Elder Dragons in the past, and that the Master of Peace had been entrusted with the egg. Armed with this knowledge, the Commander hurried to the Silverwastes, where Trahearne and the Pact were preparing to assault Mordremoth in the jungle, in search of the Master of Peace before the Mordrem would track down the egg. Although the Commander located the gravely wounded Master of Peace, Caithe who had tagged along seemingly betrayed the party by stealing the egg and fled without giving any explanation.

Having lost both the Master of Peace and the egg, the Commander returned to the Grove to seek counsel from the Pale Tree for Caithe's actions. Although the Pale Tree was too weak to provide detailed insight, her memory seeds let the Commander witness events from Caithe's past to help understand the way she was thinking. These visions led the Commander to figure out where Caithe might be headed as well as a shocking truth that Caithe had discovered many years ago: sylvari were actually dragon minions and meant to serve Mordremoth, but the Pale Tree and the Dream of Dreams had protected them from the Jungle Dragon's influence. Scarlet and Aerin had been harbingers of what the sylvari would become if Mordremoth's influence was allowed to spread.

The Commander eventually found Caithe in a remote cave in the Silverwastes and demanded both the egg and an explanation. Their conversation was cut short, however, when the Shadow of the Dragon invaded the cave and engaged the Commander in single combat. With help from their allies, the Commander defeated the Shadow of the Dragon only to discover that Caithe had fled with the egg again. Having no other choice, the Commander returned to the Pact's camp, unaware that the Pact Fleet had already launched an invasion on the Heart of Maguuma.

Heart of Thorns[edit]

Primary article: Heart of Thorns story

The Pact Commander and their party were joined by the reformed sylvari criminal Canach and Rytlock Brimstone. They discovered that the Pact Fleet had been destroyed in Mordremoth's surprise attack. The Commander headed for Verdant Brink and took command of the survivors in Marshal Trahearne's absence, delegating orders to officers, establishing footholds, preventing the Pact from turning on all sylvari as well as figuring out which sylvari had not fallen under Mordremoth's influence and become Mordrem Guard. The Commander's party also met and earned the trust of local hylek tribes called the Itzel and the Nuhoch who began assisting the Pact against Mordremoth.

The Commander eventually learned that Trahearne, Eir Stegalkin, Logan Thackeray, Zojja and a few other Pact survivors had been captured by the Mordrem who were taking them to the heart of Mordremoth's domain. Although the party found Eir and Grand Duchess Faolain of the Nightmare Court and released them from a Mordrem prison camp, they were ambushed by the Vinetooth, a dangerous Mordrem, which snatched Faolain and killed Eir before it was slain by the Commander's party.

The party continued onward to Auric Basin and encountered the mysterious Exalted who were also battling the Mordrem. They found Caithe, who was still carrying the egg, only to witness her being ambushed by Faolain who had been turned into a monstrous minion of Mordremoth. The Commander took the egg and fled from Faolain to the golden city of Tarir with the Exalted's assistance. The Commander eventually delivered the egg to a secure chamber after passing a series of tests to prove their worth as a protector of Glint's legacy while also befriending and learning more about the Exalted and their purpose. Before leaving, the Commander received a vision from the egg which revealed that Mordremoth was planning to clone the captured Trahearne, Logan and Zojja as its deadliest minions and unleash a horde of these new, improved Mordrem on Tyria.

With the egg secure, the Commander's party continued the mission to save their allies from Mordremoth. The search led them to Tangled Depths where they assisted the Pact and their jungle allies against the Mordrem as well as an equally dangerous enemy, the insectoid chak. The party discovered the lost asuran city of Rata Novus and learned from its research that the Rata Novans had studied the Elder Dragons and identified each dragon with a unique weakness; however, Mordremoth's weakness was not known in the data, and the party had no choice but to continue onward into Dragon's Stand without a plan to fight the Jungle Dragon.

The party located and rescued Logan and Zojja from Mordremoth's minions but not before being forced to fight against Mordrem clones of the pair. While the injured Destiny's Edge members were taken to safety, the rest of the party continued onward to the Heart of Thorns, the center of Mordremoth's power, where they battled and defeated Faolain and then followed the trail to Trahearne who turned out to have been fused into Mordremoth. The Commander realized that Mordremoth's weakness was its mind and that the party could turn the dragon's method of mental attack against it and fight its mind in the Dream. Trahearne used his connection to Mordremoth to open a portal into the Dream, allowing the Commander and two selected allies to take the fight to Mordremoth.

After a fierce battle, the Commander's party was victorious. However, the victory came at a cost as the Commander was forced to kill Trahearne, whose mind contained the last seed of Mordremoth, to end the Elder Dragon once and for all. Mordremoth died in a burst of magic which divided into four ley lines which traveled in different directions. One ley line passed through Tarir on its way north, and Glint's egg absorbed some of the magic, leading to a marked change within the egg.

Living World Season 3[edit]

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Path of Fire[edit]

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  • Starting with Season 2 of the Living World, the story always refers the events of the personal story as if completed and thus calls the player character Commander and slayer of Zhaitan even if the character did not complete the personal story.
  • The Central Tyria mastery track Pact Commander is a reference to the Pact Commander.