Citadel of Flame

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Citadel of Flame

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Citadel of Flame map.png
Map of Citadel of Flame

70, 75
Fireheart Rise
Connects to
The Baelfire

Citadel of Flame (story) loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Citadel of Flame.jpg
Entrance to the Citadel of Flame

The Citadel of Flame (abbreviated CoF) is in an area of high volcanic activity, it is the primary base of the Flame Legion and throne to Gaheron Baelfire, Imperator of the Flame Legion.

Players are rewarded Flame Legion Charr Carvings which can be traded to Officer Veros in Lion's Arch.

Dungeon modes[edit]

Getting there[edit]

Citadel of Flame location.

To enter the dungeon, the meta event The Battle for the Flame Citadel and Senecus Castrum must be completed.

Alternatively, you can enter if your party leader already completed this event and they enter the dungeon first.


Area Locations
Altar of Baelfire
Ashen Chamber
Chamber of Might
Daemon's Undercroft
Devourian Stables
Eastern Transept
Ferric Chamber
Gaheron's Triumph
Gallery of Rage
Waypoint (map icon).png
Gallery of Rage Waypoint (explorable)
Point of interest.png
Flame Legion Armory
Point of interest.png
Flame Legion Barracks
Point of interest.png
Petitioner's Gate
Illuminated Nave
Mausoleum of the Khan-Ur
Molten Foundry
Neotheon Chamber
Sanguine Vault
Shrine of Sacrifice
Templum Praesidium
Viscous Caves
Western Transept

Interactive map[edit]


The accessories Flame Legion Ritual Book can be found here.