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If you are bold enough, your legend will live forever.

— Eir Stegalkin

Eir Stegalkin, daughter of Einar Cliffstrider and mother of Braham, is a wandering norn ranger, tactician, artist, and visionary who travels the world with her wolf companion, Garm. Her totem is Wolf Spirit, and when she takes on her wolf form, her fur is red like her hair. Eir was once the leader of Destiny's Edge and is well known and respected because of this. However, the breaking of the company and her lack of heroic deeds since then have garnered negative opinions from some of her people.

Her tactics rely on understanding the mind of her enemy and taking advantage of their weakness through provocation and encouragement. She is also a renowned sculptor of wood and stone, communing with the Spirits of the Wild to guide and shape her artistry.


Personal storyline involvement[edit]


Living World involvement[edit]

Living World season 1
Living World season 2

Combat abilities[edit]



If player is norn
"Slayer! I didn't expect to see you. I'm busy right now."
Talk end option tango.png
I'll leave you to it.
If player is not norn
"Hail, stranger. This statue is proving quite a challenge. I have to focus."
Talk end option tango.png



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