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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.
The Pact celebrates victory over Zhaitan.

The Pact is the union of the three great orders of Tyria: the Durmand Priory, Order of Whispers, and Vigil. The alliance was founded in 1325 AE by the sylvari Firstborn Trahearne and his trusted friend with the stated purpose of defeating each of the Elder Dragons, one by one, starting with the undead dragon Zhaitan.

The Pact is the greatest alliance Tyria has ever seen. Its primary advantage is the flexibility offered by a union of orders with vastly differing methodologies as well as magical and technological knowledge and aptitude of each of the races allies with them; a notable creation by the Pact are their airships, a combination of asura, charr, and human technology, as well as helicopters and submarines, originally charr prototypes which were improved on by the other races. With the Vigil forming bulk of its army, the scholars and engineers of Durmand Priory working on arcane and technological achievements to provide an edge against the magic of Elder Dragons, and the Order of Whispers handling infiltration and sabotage missions to disrupt enemy forces, the Pact makes for a strong fighting force capable of virtually any task.


The Pact

The Pact was founded in order to retake Claw Island from the Risen forces of Blightgast, the Plaguebringer after the Battle of Claw Island. After successfully destroying Risen presence in the area and its members becoming convinced of the alliance's ability, the Pact was solidified at Concordia in the Steamspur Mountains. The Pact was founded by the Firstborn sylvari Trahearne, who carries the rank of Marshal, with the player character serving as his second-in-command with the rank of commander.

Pact forces quickly spread across the northern continent, fighting the Flame Legion in Fireheart Rise in effort to provide relief to the allied charr legions, and aiding kodan refugees to delay icebrood invasion in Frostgorge Sound. But the main focus was Orr, where the Pact renovated a ruined fortress renamed as Fort Trinity just off the coast of the Straits of Devastation. The massive fortress is protected by the magic of a krait Blue Orb capable of guarding against the dragon's corruption as well as a "undead-deterring electric fencing" invented by Arcanist Slizz. From their new base, the Pact launched a complex campaign across the ruined nation, eventually reaching the Gates of Arah.

One objective pivotal to the campaign in Orr was to aid Marshal Trahearne in cleansing the corruption at the heart of Orr to disrupt its spread and liberating the spirits of former kings and queens of Orr, Zhaitan's most heinous servants. After succesfully reaching the Artesian Waters and performing a cleansing ritual, completing his Wyld Hunt, Marshal Trahearne committed remaining forces to the Elder Dragon's lair in Arah. In Arah, Destiny's Edge finally reunited, and the combined forces of the Pact and the legendary guild destroyed remaining Risen resistance, and boarded The Glory of Tyria, a massive airship outfitted with energy weapon which was used to cripple Zhaitan, forcing the dragon on defensive. Weakened by constant bombardment, Zhaitan fell down from the skies to its death.

After the defeat of Zhaitan, the Pact regrouped at Fort Trinity and celebrated the completion of their nigh impossible task. Now, they send scholars under the guidance of Magister Stonehealer to explore the city of the human gods and uncover its secrets, and prepare to turn their attention to the next Elder Dragon.

After the awakening of Mordremoth let out a roar that was heard all across Tyria, the Pact sent a single airship to the ruins of Lion's Arch to investigate.