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Palawa Joko

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the undead king. For the actor at the Garden of Seborhin, see Palawa Joko (actor).

Palawa Joko


Palawa Joko GW1 concept art.jpg

Concept art by Doug Williams for Guild Wars: Nightfall.

Gods, dragons, nations—soon all will grovel at the feet of Palawa Joko!

— Palawa Joko

Palawa Joko (also known as King Joko the Inevitable, the last Primeval King, Joko the Undying, and the Scourge of Vabbi) is a powerful undead lich who has built an empire situated within the southern reaches of the Crystal Desert. He is the current ruler of Elona, enforcing his rule with an Awakened undead army and the Mordant Crescent (originally composed of former Sunspears who abandoned their order and chose to join the forces of Palawa Joko).


Life and early years[edit]

It is not known who Palawa Joko was in life, although he claims to be the last of the Primeval Kings.[1] Mad King Thorn's Lunatic Courtiers seem to suggest offhand that Palawa Joko and King Thorn knew each other in life. Which, if either, is accurate remains unknown.

The Scourge of Vabbi[edit]

King Joko and Warmarshal Ossa duel above the Battle of Jahai.

The earliest known mention of Joko in history books[citation needed] is in 757 AE, when he constructed the Bone Palace in the Desolation, a sulfurous wasteland where only demons and the undead could survive. In these early years, Joko feuded with Mad King Thorn of Kryta, with some squabbles nearly escalating into full-scale war.[2]

In 860 AE, commanding hordes of undead followers raised from ancient tombs, Joko invaded Vabbi, intent on conquering it and using its riches to make him even more powerful. Although he was defeated by the great Kournan hero Turai Ossa, however, he could not be killed. After the Battle of Jahai, members of Turai Ossa's elite guard formed the Order of Whispers. These great hunters used powerful magic to bind Joko within a great tomb, and eventually built a huge stone plinth commemorating the victory.

Return of the undead king[edit]

Centuries later, Turai Ossa's descendant, Warmarshal Varesh Ossa, attempted to summon the dark god Abaddon and bring about Nightfall. The weakening of reality freed Joko, who fled to the Sulfurous Wastes after being disturbed by Spearmarshal Kormir of the Order of the Sunspears, who had dreamed that the Sunspears must travel to the monument to Joko's defeat to see what awaited them there. Though being buried and bound for so long had cost Joko all of his power, the Sunspears allowed his freedom in exchange for knowledge on how mortals could traverse the Desolation. Joko revealed that this was possible using great Junundu wurms, and with the help of the Sunspears he regained some control of his army and retook the Bone Palace from Varesh's rear Vanguard.

Kormir's rise to godhood upon the defeat of Abaddon was a blessing to the Sunspears and a beacon of hope to people across Tyria. Her new power was a boon to those who followed her. Sadly, it also ignited a jealousy that would lead to the downfall of the Order of the Sunspears. Ever an enemy, Palawa Joko's resolve to wipe them out intensified. Ruining the Sunspears, whose spearmarshal had reached such great heights, would bolster Joko's ego and help secure his position as a true threat to Elona.

Recordings left by the renowned golemancer Zinn hint that it was Palawa Joko or an agent of his that commissioned the golem N.O.X., which attempted to assassinate the leaders of the three great kingdoms of the world in an attempt to destablize those kingdoms.[3] This suggests that Joko was actively working toward his conquest of Elona only a few short years after his release.

Conqueror of Elona[edit]

Statue of Palawa Joko in front of the Necropolis.

In 1175 AE, Palawa Joko marched on Vabbi once again.[4] Having learned from his past mistakes, he dammed and diverted the Elon River, which both supplied his desolate domain with precious water and simultaneously deprived Kourna and Vabbi of that same resource. Faced with a devastating drought and famine, the people of Vabbi and northern Kourna rebelled against their leaders, comfortably allowing Joko to crush any Elonian resistance. Vabbi surrendered in desperation, while Kourna and Istan later became vassal states to the undead lord.

After conquering Elona, Joko forced tributes and loyalty from the Elonians, training them to accept him as the rightful ruler of Elona and promising wealth and fortune to those who joined his forces, with the ultimate honor being an eternity of servitude in undeath. Joko had all of the Ossa bloodline brought to him, creating a living army to rival his undead one, and took pleasure in the irony of their servitude. Along with this, he focused on the defamation and destruction of the Sunspears, recruiting many members into the Mordant Crescent and granting them prominent roles within his army. Those who did not betray their vows were killed and recruited into the Mordant Crescent all the same as undead, and the Sunspears were scattered to the winds, leaving the survivors to travel as secretive hermits.

In recent years, contact was lost with Elona due to the awakenings of the Elder Dragons, particularly Zhaitan and Kralkatorrik.

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