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Friends and fellows. Due to recent (amazing!) reasoning by scholars of the Astronomagical Society, we are pleased to announce that we have added the five hidden days to our calendar year! That's five extra days we've recognized for you to advance your work before the annual review. Gifts and gratitude are unnecessary. We merely acknowledged them officially; we did not create them. May all your projects be almost as successful as ours.


The Mouvelian calendar (named after Grand Patriarch Mouvel, the first high priest of the Church of Dwayna) begins counting years from the moment the gods left Tyria. This event is known as the Exodus. Years before this date are labeled BE (Before the Exodus). Years after this date are AE (After the Exodus). Years prior to the year 1 BE count down, getting smaller as they get closer to the time of the Exodus (just as they do in the Gregorian calendar).

There are 4 seasons and 365[1] days in the Mouvelian year:

Season Correspondent Alignment Days
Season of the Zephyr Spring Air 1-90
Season of the Phoenix Summer Fire 91-180
Season of the Scion Autumn Water 181-270
Season of the Colossus Winter Earth 271-365 [citation needed]

The current date is 31 Season of the Scion 1329 AE.


It is strongly implied that game days are to be considered synched with real-world days. Both through the 5-day addition itself [1], as well as supporting statements made by Angel Mccoy: "We felt it was important to align the real year with the in-game year. If we adamantly stuck to the old in-game calendar, then we’d be cumulatively off by 5 days every year." [2]

This conflicts with the story-telling structure and general pacing of Living World: where several episodes seems to pick up the story only hours/days after the previous one, in spite of week long intermissions or even longer season breaks.

It also conflicts with Colin Johanson's statement during PAX South post-party/interview: "the story of Heart of Thorns is going to take place immediately after the latest Living Story. Literally within 24 hours of the destruction of the Pact fleet." (quote validation and reference link required)

This also creates a conflict of when holidays occur in regards to their seasons. In lore, Halloween is a Season of the Scion (Fall) holiday, but if 01 Zephyr syncs with January 1st, it would be considered part of the Season of Colossus (Winter) due to being less than 90 days before January 1st.

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