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Concept art of the Foefire's Heart.

The Foefire is the spell that ended the last battle of Ascalon City. According to human legends, in 1090 AE when the charr Legions breached the city limits, the human soldiers were pushed back to the highest tower in the city. It is said that there King Adelbern of Ascalon clashed personally with the Imperator of the Flame Legion, whose name has since been purged from the records of the charr. The legend states that when King Adelbern's ancient Orrian sword, Magdaer, struck the Claw of the Khan-Ur, the spark from the clash started a sword-shaped fire which engulfed first the tower, and then the acting capital of Ascalon in a brilliant white flame, killing the invading charr and resurrecting the fallen Ascalon Army into spectral undeath, where they remain to this day, vigilant against intruders human and charr alike. The only known human survivors were those stationed at Ebonhawke, far outside the range of the Foefire.

The charr contest this version of events. They claim that the human guards were not all defeated but many abandoned their posts, causing the Sorcerer-King, insane and enraged, to plunge Magdaer into the ground, intentionally killing the remainder of his army and raising them into undeath, their ghosts as zealous as he was in life, forcing the charr to abandon the city. This version of the tale is corroborated in parts by Savione, lending more credibility to it than the human version. Savione was killed for trying to prevent the Foefire, but not before warning the only living survivors of the event: the Fireshadows, led by Frye Fireburn, who were tied to posts on the Viewing Hill for attempting to call the Legions off. The horror of the event turned their fur white from head to toe.

According to legend, if either Magdaer or its twin, Sohothin are returned to Ascalon City in the hands of the rightful king of Ascalon, then the ghosts will be put to rest.

The Foefire's Heart lies in the center of Ascalon City's ruins and stretches all the way into the Ascalonian Catacombs, where the remains of Magdaer still reside.

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