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Tonics are consumables that transform the player's model into a different model specified by the tonic used. Some tonics are "Endless" meaning they are not consumed upon use, in contrast to normal tonics. Almost all tonics have one possible transformation, while a few have more possible outcomes. Most tonics are craftable in the Mystic Forge, by combining two Mystery Tonics (available from Black Lion Chests, as well as Endless Mystery Tonic) and two other crafting materials. Some can be crafted by Artificers and quite a few are available from merchants, karma merchants, dungeons, and special events. Most tonics lock out all combat skills, while some grant the character costume brawl skills, and very few give skills usable in combat.

Most tonics allow the use of certain Costume Brawl Toys and toy-like Gizmos without losing the form, usually replacing the skills of the form if it provided any.

List of Tonics[edit]

Merchant Tonics[edit]

Many NPC merchant sell tonics in game. You can buy tonics using gold or karma (event NPC Merchants, Renown Heart NPCs and other Karma Merchants), or buy them for other currencies, such as bandit crests (Bandit Crest Collectors), laurels (Laurel Merchants) or guild commendation (Guild Commendation Traders).

Dungeon tonics drop in Dungeons and can be bought from Dungeon Merchants in Lion's Arch in exchange for dungeon tokens; they are also available on the Trading Post.

Merchant NPCs (gold, karma)
Event NPC: Dolyak Tincture
Event NPC: Essence of Jellyfish
Event NPC: Hazmat Suit Transformation Tonic
Event NPC: Murellow Tonic
Event NPC: Potion of Jackalope Transformation
Event NPC: Quaggan Tonic
Karma Merchant: Potion of Young Karka Transformation
Renown Heart NPC: Endless Jade Construct Tonic
Renown Heart NPC: Ghost Owl Feather
Renown Heart NPC: Grawl Snowman Potion
Renown Heart NPC: Matlal Enchanted Pig Truffle
Renown Heart NPC: Plant Dog Transformation
Renown Heart NPC: Potion of Ettin Essence
Renown Heart NPC: Potion of Hylek Transformation
Merchant NPCs (dungeon tokens)
Ascalonian Catacombs: Ghostly Tonic
Caudecus's Manor: Knavish Tonic
Twilight Arbor: Overgrown Tonic
Sorrow's Embrace: Tonic of the Moletariate
Citadel of Flame: Fiery Tonic
Honor of the Waves: Ursan Tonic
Crucible of Eternity: Sinister Automatonic
The Ruined City of Arah: Phantasmal Tonic
Merchant NPCs (other currencies)
Bandit Crest Collector: Endless Dust Mite Tonic
Bandit Crest Collector: Endless Mordrem Husk Tonic
Bandit Crest Collector: Endless Mordrem Troll Tonic
Crystalline Ore Vendor: Endless Spotted Beetle Tonic
Exalted Mastery Vendor: Endless Exalted Caster Tonic
Guild Commendation Trader: Endless Guild Banner Tonic
Itzel Mastery Vendor: Endless Beetle Tonic
Laurel Merchant: Endless Mystery Cat Tonic
Magnetite Shard Vendor: Infinite Slubling Tonic
Nuhoch Mastery Vendor: Endless Nuhoch Tonic

Crafted & Forged[edit]

Some tonics can be crafted (using a Crafting station) or forged (using the Mystic Forge).

Crafted Tonics
Multicolored Ooze Tonic
Mystery Tonic (beast)
Mystery Tonic (forest)
Mystery Tonic (furniture)
Potion of Ascalonian Mages
Ruminant Tonic
Wolf Totem

Forged Tonics
Blue Moa Tonic
Boar Tonic
Devourer Tonic
Eagle Raptor Tonic
Eagle Tonic
Endless Mushroom Emperor Tonic
Floater Tonic
Imp Tonic
Jackalope Tonic
Krait Tonic
Leopard Tonic
Forged Tonics
Minotaur Tonic
Ooze Tonic
Owl Tonic
Pig Tonic
Pink Moa Tonic
Plant Wolf Tonic
Ram Tonic
Skale Tonic
Skritt Tonic
Snow Owl Tonic
Forged Tonics
Spider Tonic
Stag Tonic
Steam Ogre Tonic
Wolf Tonic

Miscellaneous Tonics[edit]

These tonics are available from various content - they have a chance to drop from certain boss fights or jumping puzzle chests, or are found in Lost (or Found) Bandit Chests, Lost Orrian Jewelry Boxes or Black Lion Chests. Some of them are also available on the Trading Post.

Jumping Puzzles, Bosses and other Loot Drops
Endless Fractal Tonic
Endless Monkey King Tonic
Endless Mordrem Thrasher Tonic
Endless Mushroom King Tonic
Endless Mushroom Queen Tonic
Endless Mushroom Tonic
Endless Skritt Burglar Tonic
Endless Ley-Line Anomaly Tonic
Lost Bandit Chest
Endless Arid Devourer Tonic
Endless Mordrem Teragriff Tonic
Endless Mordrem Thrasher Tonic
Lost Orrian Jewelry Box
(Endless) Charged Potion
(Endless) Cold Potion
(Endless) Hard Potion
(Endless) Warm Potion
Princess Loot Bag
(Endless) Karka Tonic
Potion of Young Karka Transformation
Grand Exalted Chest
Endless Exalted Bastion Tonic
Black Lion Chest
Endless Monkey King Tonic
Endless Mystery Tonic (beast)
Endless Mystery Tonic (forest)
Endless Mystery Tonic (furniture)
Ice Elemental Tonic
Snake Tonic
Snow Leopard Tonic

Clothing Tonics[edit]

Clothing tonics used to be Town clothing, until that feature was removed with the April 15, 2014 Update. Some town clothing items were replaced with armor skins, others were changed into the tonics in the table below.

Clothing Tonics
Endless Casual Clothing Tonic
Endless Casual Hoodie Clothing Tonic
Endless Cherry Blossom Clothing Tonic
Endless Common Clothing Tonic
Endless Country Lace Clothing Tonic
Endless Designer Hoodie Clothing Tonic
Endless Dragon Emblem Clothing Tonic
Endless Khaki Clothing Tonic
Endless Layered Vest Clothing Tonic
Endless Leather Hoodie Clothing Tonic
Endless Ornate Clothing Tonic
Endless Riding Clothes Tonic
Endless Silk Brocade Clothing Tonic
Endless Striped Silk Clothing Tonic

Special Event Tonics[edit]

These tonics are retired and no longer drop in game; however, some of them can still be crafted by players who unlocked the recipes in time and/or can be purchased from other players on the Trading Post. Tonics (and tonic recipes) from recurring events such as Halloween and Wintersday may become available through the game again.

(Endless) Bottle of Batwing Brew
Candy Corn Tonic
Concentrating Halloween Tonic
Endless Ignited Wraith Tonic
(Endless) Gargoyle Tonic‎
(Endless) Halloween Tonic
(Endless) Hellfire Skeleton Tonic‎
Mummy Tonic
Plastic Spider Tonic
(Endless) Shadow Raven Tonic‎
Spooky Ghost Tonic
Spooky Skeleton Tonic
Spooky Zombie Tonic
Enchanted Snowball
Endless Gift Box Tonic
Endless Gift Dolyak Tonic
Endless Toymaker's Tonic
Festive Golem Tonic
(Endless) Plush Griffon Tonic
(Endless) Princess Doll Tonic
Reindeer Tonic
Snowman Tonic
(Endless) Toy Golem Tonic
(Endless) Toy Soldier Tonic
(Endless) Toy Ventari Tonic
Living World Season 1
Flame and Frost: Retribution: Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic
Sky Pirates of Tyria: (Infinite) Aetherized Tonic
Clockwork Chaos: Infinite Watchknight Tonic
The Nightmares Within: Infinite Toxic Krait Tonic
Escape from Lion's Arch: (Endless) Black Quaggan Tonic
Escape from Lion's Arch: (Endless) Blue Quaggan Tonic
Escape from Lion's Arch: (Endless) Green Quaggan Tonic
Escape from Lion's Arch: (Endless) Pink Quaggan Tonic
Escape from Lion's Arch: Endless Mystery Quaggan Tonic
Festival of the Four Winds: Endless Dolyak Calf Tonic
Contests and Promotions
Overwolf App Challenge: Endless Interface Crafter Golem Tonic

Acquisition Unknown[edit]

We don't currently know how to get hold of any of these tonics.

Acquisition unknown
Endless Chugger Tonic
Endless Multicolored Ooze Tonic (accidentally given out by a GM)
Golemite Tonic

Other transformation items[edit]

These items change a character's appearance only partly. Most of them are not considered Tonics.

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