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Into the Spider's Lair

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Into the Spider's Lair

Citadel of Zakiros
(Inner Nayos)
Event type
Meta event
Total events

Into the Spider's Lair is a meta event in Citadel of Zakiros. It starts once both previous meta events have been successfully completed: The Road to Heitor and The Fangs That Gnash. The event text Zakiros remains heavily fortified indicates that neither have been completed, the text One of Eparch's allies has fallen... shows that one of them has been completed - successfully completing the other one will start Into The Spider's Lair.

Chronologically the events in this meta take place after 17: Desperate Measures and before 18: The Eleventh Hour of the Secrets of the Obscure story.

Dynamic events[edit]


  • Magnificent Chest
  • Chest (6)


Preparing to siege Zakiros
Peitha: The hour is at hand, my friends. The spires of Zakiros lay before us.
Peitha: All we have done has been for this opportunity. To end this war. To bring justice to the fallen.
General Nephus: There are three spires that preside over the citadel. The central is the most important, but it's nearly impenetrable.
General Nephus: Instead, we must take the other two and work our way inside from there.
General Nephus: Warden Frode will lead the Astral Ward volunteers to the southern tower.
General Nephus: Her Majesty will command the forces attacking the northern one. Once both are secure, meet in the chamber below.
General Nephus: I will lead a contingent outside to secure the courtyard and protect our flanks.
Zojja: Sorry I'm late. They've been keeping us busy on the home front.
Dagda: Where would you like us?
Peitha: An unexpected surprise. I suppose I will take the tall one with me, and the other can assist General Nephus.
Dagda: Very well, then. Ward, you have your orders.
General Nephus: Move out!
One minute before the map closes
General Nephus: We should fall back from Zakiros and regroup. Excellent work, soldiers.

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