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Rune-Locked Doors

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Map of all the caves in the Derelict Delve.

Rune-Locked Doors is an achievement that involves exploring the depths of Derelict Delve in Fortune's Vale of the Desert Highlands.


Rune-Locked Doors Desert Highlands 11Achievement points
Find the runestones throughout the Derelict Delves to unlock all the mysterious doors. Unlocked 1 Door in Derelict Delve 1Achievement points
Unlocked 2 Doors in Derelict Delve 2Achievement points
Unlocked 3 Doors in Derelict Delve 3Achievement points
Unlocked 4 Doors in Derelict Delve 5Achievement points


Map of waterlogged room.

Opening the doors involves slotting Runestones into them until all of the Round Depressions are filled, activating the teleporter. You can only carry one runestone at a time, and you will lose it if you die or use a waypoint. Each door requires the same number of runes to open as its order; that is, the first door requires one rune, the second door requires two runes, and so on. With the exception of the first door, all the runes you need can be found within the previous room. Once you have a runestone: Leave the room and find the next room. This will be true of each room: Take a runestone and leave, Find the next door, Insert the runestone, Return for the next runestone until all are found. To quickly return to the higher level of Derelict Delve after exiting rooms located on lower levels, jump off the ledge and fall/glide onto the teleporter platform half-buried in the lava in the southwestern corner of the chasm. Derelict Delve Navigation Map.jpg

Note: All doors can be found in the main hallway.

First door (Cold room)[edit]

  • Pick up the runestone on the table near Expedition Leader Shauna and Rhoban.
  • Exit the room and turn south; the first door is right in front of you. Stand on the circular pad and "interact" to insert the rune.
  • Enter the room and make your way past Ice Imps and Oozes to find the next runestone. One is located on a bridge on the upper level; the other is at the very back of the room on the lower level. Return for the next stone until you have found and removed all of them. You will also find all five pieces of Stonespite Cleaver and one piece of the Staff of the Lost within this room.

Second door (Lava-covered room)[edit]

  • Exit the first room and carefully jump off the ledge to the lower level, then approach the door to the south, which has a spill of hardening lava nearby.
  • This room contains Lava Elementals, Embers, Djinn and Gargoyles on the wall that shoot flames. You will find all four pieces of the Gate of Good-Byes and another piece of the Staff of the Lost in here.
  • The first runestone is located to the left of the crumbling stairs as you enter the central chamber. The second is located on a pillar in the lava, near the Djinn and staff piece. The third is on a ledge between the second and third floors, in the southeast corner of the room by a lavaflow.

Third Door (Cobwebbed room)[edit]

  • From the second door, leap across the chasm to the north side to reach the third door.
  • This room is full of spiderwebs which will immobilize the player and spawn a group of spiders if touched. This can be avoided by dashing through on the raptor (note that you will still trigger the web if you launch or land too close to it), or by simply destroying the web from range. Gaps between the pillars marked with torches are free from webs. You will also find all four pieces of Final Sting around the top of pillars on the second floor and another piece of the Staff of the Lost at the top of the rock at the entrance.
  • The first and second runestones are on the ground floor: one is resting against a large pillar to the east, and the other surrounded by rubble in the northwest. The third and fourth runestones are suspended in the upper webs, which can be reached by Springer.

Fourth Door (Waterlogged room)[edit]

  • From the third door, go immediately west, and jump slightly up and across the chasm with a Springer. The fourth door is immediately in front of you.
  • The last piece of Staff of the Lost can be found on the opposite side of the chasm in this room. The chasm itself looks foreboding, but if you're after dwarven hammer Might of the Vindictive, take a leap of faith and plunge in: you will land in a large water-filled cave. Two pieces of the dwarven hammer are on the broken pillars sticking out of the water, you should see one as you fall in from the ceiling. One is next to the chest in the south-western part and one is on high ledge with a veteran spark, after going north-west then east. (Could not do it in one jump. Had to jump on rock outcropping first.) There is also a teleporter rune that will allow you to return to the exit.

Take all pieces to the forge next to Veteran Jubua the Wildfire on the top floor to complete the achievement.


  • You can only carry one runestone at a time.
  • Using waypoints will make you lose the runestone you are carrying.
  • Logging out or switching maps will make you lose your progress towards opening a door. Doors that have been unlocked will stay unlocked, though.
  • Teleporting to a friend will remove a door progress.
  • Once solved, all rooms will become permanently accessible through teleports at any time, no runes required. This is account wide.

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