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Defeat Soo-Won

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Defeat Soo-Won

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Soo-Won is a level 80 group event that occurs atop the Harvest Temple. It is the final event of The Battle for the Jade Sea meta event.


During regular phase
  • Soo-Won
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • The Void overwhelms Soo-Won in: 20:00
When the tail appears
  • Soo-Won
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • The Void overwhelms Soo-Won in: xx:xx
  • Soo-Won's Tail
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
During crystal phase (80%, 40%)
  • Defend the protective crystals from Void until your allies are able to return to their bodies.
  • Event bar.jpg Event flag (tango icon).png
  • Soo-Won destroys protective crystals in: 1:15
  • The Void overwhelms Soo-Won in: xx:xx
Champion phase transition
  • Dragonvoid Magic Transferred to Aurene
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • The Void overwhelms Soo-Won in: xx:xx
During first champion phase (60%)
  • Defeat the Dragonvoid champions to lure Soo-Won back to the Harvest Temple.
  • Void of Death and Shadow
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Void of Vine and Mind
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • The Void overwhelms Soo-Won in: xx:xx
During second champion phase (20%)
  • Defeat the Dragonvoid champions to lure Soo-Won back to the Harvest Temple.
  • Void of Crystal and Fury
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Void of Fire and Conflagration
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Void of Frost and Deception
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • The Void overwhelms Soo-Won in: xx:xx


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


This meta event boss encounter has a higher damage and mechanical check than most events. Failing to meet either check increases the likelihood of running out of time and failing the event.

General Notes and Tips[edit]

Soo-Won arrives from the southwest at the start of each phase and can charge to the opposite side in later phases. United Legions Waystations should be placed on both sides to mark the boss hitboxes and for close access to  Electromagical Pulse (skill).png Electromagical Pulse. Only a single waystation can be placed within a certain range, so avoid placing these too close to the center.

An airship encircles the boss arena shortly after the encounter begins. Players can waypoint to the airship and return to the arena either via gliding, mounts, or the jump pad.

The Exposed.png Exposed debuff on all bosses lasts longer than normal and with increased effect. Players should bring crowd control skills and bundle items to assist with breaking the defiance bar. The hitbox location changes when the bar is unlocked, so players should click on the health bar on the event window to easily target the boss.

All attacks throughout the encounter are telegraphed through visual and audio cues (refer to Aurene and Logan's dialogue). All attacks are unavoidable and bypass aegis and evades; however stability still prevents players from getting disabled.

Void Thornhearts may spawn throughout the encounter. Depending on the remaining time, players should prioritize killing them over Soo-Won as soon as possible, else their indestructible projectiles can disable the entire squad until they are defeated.

Burn Phase 1 (100% – 80%)[edit]

Soo-Won alternates between four attacks for the first phase:

Soo-Won Mechanics Notes
Claw Slap
Swipes the area in front, dealing heavy unavoidable damage, Knockback.png knocking back enemies, and applying 10 stacks of Bleeding.png Bleeding and a stack of Crippled.png Crippled. This attack can be survived with full health, however attacks from other monsters can quickly down players with low health.
Tail Slam Slams its tail for massive, unavoidable damage. This attack covers the entire half of the platform and sweeps players off the arena. The push can be mitigated with Stability.png Stability.
Tsunami Slam
Slams an area and deals lethal, unavoidable damage, unleashing a watery shockwave that deals heavy damage, knocksback enemies, and applies 5 stacks of Vulnerability.png Vulnerability and a stack of Weakness.png Weakness. The shockwave must be jumped to avoid damage.
Void Purge
Breathes out void pools that pulse unavoidable low damage and the Void Corruption.png Void Corruption effect. Upon reaching 10 stacks, players will be afflicted with slippery movement due to Spectral Agony.png Void Chaos.

The defiance bar usually unlocks after her Acid attack. Players should immediately prioritize breaking this bar unless the boss can be phased by reaching the next health threshold. The hitbox location changes, so players should re-target the boss once its defiance bar unlocks. Breaking the bar will inflict Exposed.png Exposed and Stun.png Stun to the boss.

Crystal Phase 1[edit]

Upon reaching 80% health, Soo-Won leaves the arena and launches a ball of void energy onto the arena. Ten green circles will spawn around the point of impact. Each circle must have at least one player within it to prevent massive damage to all players on the platform upon impact. The player closest to the center of each green circle will have their body crystallized then thrown to the bottom of the Harvest Temple as a wisp. Waves of enemies will simultaneously spawn and attempt to retake the platform. The remaining players up top must survive the onslaught and hold the capture point while avoiding Soo-Won's tsunami attacks.

Fractured Spirit.png Wisp Form

While in wisp form, you can jump as long as you have energy. Each jump consumes one energy bar. Gather wandering memories to replenish energy and get back to the top of the Harvest Temple!

— in-game hint

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Bloodspirit.png Bloodspirit Sacrifice all of your endurance to completely regenerate your health.
2 Lifeblood.png Lifeblood Sacrifice half of your remaining health to completely regenerate all of your endurance.
3 Become Whole (Disabled).png Become Whole (Disabled) Reach your body at the top of the Harvest Temple to gain the ability to retake control of it!
3 Redirect Arrow.pngBecome Whole.png Become Whole Push your wayward soul back into your body. This skill cannot be used on anyone's body but your own.

Transformed players must reunite with their body at the top of the temple by jumping upwards. Wisps have 6 endurance bars and can replenish their endurance to full by touching wandering memories. Wisps out of endurance will drift downwards and instantly be defeated upon reaching the ground. To avoid this, players in wisp form can use  Lifeblood.png Lifeblood (skill #2) to refill their endurance meter at the cost of half their health, which will be regenerated to full because the player will soon be out-of-combat. Furthermore, delaying each jump by about 0.5 seconds will maximize jump height. At the top of the platform, wisps can use  Become Whole.png Become Whole (skill #3) to return to their bodies, granting them the Ally's Aid Powered Up.png Soul Reunited effect that increases outgoing damage for 120 seconds. The duration of this effect is refreshed when Soo-Won returns following the completion of this phase. Players who fail to reunite with their body in time will be instantly defeated.

This phase either ends after 75 seconds, when all player wisps reunite with their body (only if all green circles were occupied by a player), or players fail to secure the platform. If the platform is overtaken by the enemy, all crystals will be destroyed and all players trapped within will be instantly defeated. Players transformed into a wisp should refresh their Electromagical Pulse skill upon returning to the platform. Soo-Won will then return to the arena and unleash a tsunami that covers the entire arena. Players must hide behind a crystal or glide off the platform to avoid instant defeat.

Burn Phase 2 (80% – 60%)[edit]

Soo-Won becomes vulnerable again can now alternate between both sides of the arena. Players must react quickly and move together as a unit to wherever the boss goes. This will help both cleave down enemies and prevent players from dying along the way. She will also perform three additional attacks:

Mechanic Notes
Charges to the other side of the platform and deals massive, unavoidable damage to all enemies caught in her path. This is paired with the next attack.
Nightmare Devastation
Channels a massive tsunami that deals lethal, unavoidable damage. The first wave is launched away from Soo-Won. Afterwards, Soo-Won will repeat the Bite - Wave attack combination, with the second tsunami launched away from her tail.
Bubble Marks five players to be trapped in a rising bubble. Destroying the bubbles will free the trapped players. Trapped players should spam the  Water Fist.png Struggle to Escape skill, whereas other players should attack the bubbles before they go out of range. The Electromagical Pulse skill can also be used to damage them.

Soo-Won's Tail can spawn opposite of Soo-Won and usually occurs around the Acid attack and corresponding defiance bar unlock. As long as it remains alive, the tail has the following effects:

  1. Applies the Defensive Inspiration.png Hardened Shell effect to Soo-Won, reducing incoming damage by 70%. [verification requested]
  2. Increases frequency of the Bubble attack (and Whirlpool attack from 60% health and below). [verification requested]

Players should focus on the hitbox rather than the tail model when damaging it. Successfully breaking Soo-Won's defiance bar will also apply the Exposed debuff to her tail. The tail can be dealt in two ways:

  • Ignore tail - Squad damage output is high enough to phase the boss (every 20%) by either skipping the tail spawn or overcoming the damage reduction.
  • Kill tail - Squad damage output is not high enough to phase the boss, requiring the tail to be quickly defeated.

Choosing the correct strategy for each tail spawn can save a considerable amount of time. If killing the tail, players can wait near Soo-Won to break their defiance bar then run over and quickly defeat the tail before the exposed debuff on it expires.

Champion Phase 1[edit]

At 60% health, Soo-Won encircles the arena with a large wall of water and slowly pulls all players towards the edge. She will also have the  Defensive Inspiration.png Damage Immunity effect and a much stronger defiance bar. Waves of monsters will also spawn and leave Purified Void Magic on the ground upon death. Picking up this magic will allow Aurene to build a  Dragonsblood Spear (Dragonfall skill).png Prismatic Spear that can be used to deal massive damage to Soo-Won's defiance bar. This special action key overrides any other special action skills, such as Electromagical Pulse, and remains available until her bar is broken. This spear has no effect unless Soo-Won is targeted.

Afterwards, Soo-Won will unleash a tsunami attack that covers the entire arena, which can only be avoided by escaping the platform with the  Prismatic Leap.png Prismatic Leap special action key. This skill cannot be replaced until this phase is complete. Players will also have access to any unlocked gliding skills for this phase.

Two Dragonvoid Champions will spawn: Void of Vine and Mind on the western platform and the Void of Death and Shadow on the eastern one. Both mini-bosses must be defeated within 30 seconds of each other otherwise they will revive to 25% health. Players can use either the SpringerCannonball (skill).png Cannonball engage skill, or the  Unstable Magic Volley.png Unstable Magic Volley gliding skill to damage their defiance bar at the start of the fight.

When both Dragonvoid Champions are defeated, players must reengage Soo-Won at the top of the Harvest Temple.

Burn Phase 3 (60% – 40%)[edit]

All players should refresh their Electromagical Pulse upon returning to the boss platform. This phase is largely the same, however Soo-Won will gain one final attack:

Mechanic Notes
Whirlpool Marks five players to be trapped in a whirlpool that pulses medium damage. Breaking its defiance bar will free the trapped player. Trapped players should spam the  Ether Renewal.png Gasp for Air skill, whereas other players can use crowd control skills to assist with breaking the bar. Trapped players may also opt to be defeated instead, however a coordinated effort from the group can quickly free them.

If the tail is up, it will additionally increase the frequency of the Whirlpool attack. [verification requested]

Crystal Phase 2[edit]

Upon reaching 40% health, Soo-Won once again leaves the arena and launches balls of void energy onto the arena. However, there will be a total of 30 green circles to be occupied. Due to the large number of players that can be transformed into a wisp, it is imperative for the wisps to reunite with their body as quickly as possible, and for the remaining players at the top to defeat as many enemies as possible. Control over the platform will be gradually lost and can be overtaken until the number of players up top outnumber the enemies there. As before, players should avoid the tsunami attacks from Soo-Won while holding the capture point.

Burn Phase 4 (40% – 20%)[edit]

This phase is the same as previous burn phases. Players should continue to focus down Void Thornhearts, breaking Soo-Won's defiance bar, defeating the tail if needed, and damaging her down to the next phase.

Champion Phase 2[edit]

At 20% health, Soo-Won encircles the arena with a large wall of water and slowly pulls all players towards the edge. Players must again defeat enemies to gather enough Purified Void Magic to obtain the Prismatic Spear special action key. After breaking Soo-Won's defiance bar and avoiding her tsunami attack, players must split up for the three Dragonvoid Champions: Void of Frost and Deception at the northwest platform, Void of Crystal and Fury at the northeast one, and Void of Fire and Conflagration at the south one. All mini-bosses must be defeated within 30 seconds of each other otherwise they will revive to 25% health.

When all three Dragonvoid Champions are defeated, players must reengage Soo-Won one final time atop the Harvest Temple.

Burn Phase 5 (20% – 0%)[edit]

New United Legions Waystations should be placed to allow players to refresh their Electromagical Pulse skill. Soo-Won will also be Vengeance (Mordrem).png Enraged and deal 100% increased damage. Furthermore, her following skills become empowered:

Mechanic Notes
Bubble (Empowered) Marks ten players to be trapped in a rising bubble.
Whirlpool (Empowered) Marks ten players to be trapped in a whirlpool that pulses medium damage.

Both attacks can occur simultaneously, potentially disabling 20 players at a time. The combination of these two attacks will make the damage check and defiance bar break much harder to achieve. This is especially the case if there are Void Thornhearts alive and disabling the group. Proper tail management becomes even more important for this phase given that it increases the frequency of these attacks as long as it is alive.


Dragon Pacifier Dragon's End End of Dragons mastery point 3Achievement points
Complete the Dragon's End meta-event. Completed the Dragon's End Meta-Event 3Achievement points
  • Successfully complete the event.
This achievement resets every week on Monday.This achievement rewards items. Weekly Dragon's End Jade Treasure Recovery Dragon's End 0Achievement points
Defeat the final opponent in the Battle for the Jade Sea.Bring recovered treasures to Myung-Hee, Keeper of the Jade Vault.
Reward: Jade Dragon Statuette.pngJade Dragon Statuette
Defeated 1 Final Opponent in the Battle for the Jade Sea 0Achievement points
  • Successfully complete the event. Can be completed once per week.
Shock-Wave Jumper Dragon's End End of Dragons mastery point 1Achievement points
Jump over 10 shock waves from Soo-Won's claw slam. Jumped Over 10 Shock Waves 1Achievement points
Tsunami Dodger Dragon's End 1Achievement points
Avoid getting struck by Soo-Won's full-sized tsunamis by standing behind the crystals 10 times. Dodged 10 Full-Sized Tsunamis 1Achievement points
  • Can be gained by hiding behind crystals during the crystal phases, or avoiding the tsunami with  Prismatic Leap.png Prismatic Leap prior to the Champion phases.
  • A total of 4 waves can be avoided per meta event.
Untarnished Spirit Dragon's End End of Dragons mastery point 3Achievement points
Make it back to your body without getting hit while in spirit form during the battle with Soo-Won. Returned to Body without Getting Hit 3Achievement points
Ultimate Dragon Champion Dragon's End End of Dragons mastery point 3Achievement points
Defeat the enemy dragon champions summoned by Soo-Won.One champion stands above all.
Objectives: 5 objectives in total
  • Champion Risen
  • Champion Mordrem
  • Champion Branded
  • Champion Destroyer
  • Champion Icebrood
Defeated 1 of the Champions Summoned by Soo-Won 1Achievement points
Defeated 3 of the Champions Summoned by Soo-Won 1Achievement points
Defeated 5 of the Champions Summoned by Soo-Won 1Achievement points
  • The champions will spawn during the champion intermission phases at 60% and 20% health:
    • 60% Split: Risen (East), Mordrem (West)
    • 20% Split: Branded (Northeast), Destroyer (South), Icebrood (Northwest)
The Floor Is Void Dragon's End End of Dragons mastery point 1Achievement points
Avoid reaching 10 stacks of corruption during the fight with Soo-Won. Avoided Reaching 10 Stacks of Corruption 1Achievement points



Many of these NPCs can be found around the Harvest Temple and on the airships.





Event dialogue[edit]

Event start
Aurene: She's close. Be ready.
Aurene: Soo-Won, stay back or we will—
Soo-Won: Look...the world is ending. A landscape of shattered dreams and death. And all due
Aurene: Soo-Won? Soo-Won, it can end here! It doesn't need—
Soo-Won: The end will come fast, and death will be your deliverance.
Aurene: She's luring the Void toward the temple again! If I don't stop it, you'll all be encased!
Aurene: Hold this area while I'm gone!
Soo-Won: You will join us now, and all will be as one.
Aurene: She's tired. After her now!
During combat
Soo-Won: Close your eyes and feel the emptiness wash over you.
Soo-Won: Please, no more of this! It's poisoning me.
Soo-Won: Void is all that is and all that must be.
Soo-Won: Your desires are but a mirage, and behind them lurks oblivion.
Soo-Won: If you don't all want to die...kill me now!
Soo-Won: There is an ocean of Void, you are already drowning in it.
Soo-Won: Darkness is a blessing. Close your eyes, and feel it wash over you.
Soo-Won: The end is the beginning, and the beginning will be nothingness.
Soo-Won: Reach deep inside, and you will feel the empitness already growing there.
Soo-Won: Free me!
Aurene: Watch her mouth... ACID! Don't let it hit you.
Aurene: Soo-Won, listen to my voice. It's me, Aurene!
Aurene: Another acid attack!
Aurene: Please, I don't want to hurt you.
Aurene: The Void will never beat us if we stand together.
Taking the waypoint to the airship
Logan Thackeray:Good to be fighting with you again!
Warning for AoE swirl attack
Aurene: Stay clear of her mouth!
Warning for incoming whirlpools
Aurene: She...she's stirring up her magic again... WHIRLPOOLS! Look out!
Aurene: They're stuck. Help them now, or she'll get the upper hand.
Warning for tsunami attack
Aurene: Look out! More tsunamis.
Warning for Soo-Won swapping sides
Aurene: Careful! She's hungry again.
Logan Thackeray: What's she...? Run! She's about to snap at you.
Warning for sideways tail slam
Aurene: Look out for her tail!
Logan Thackeray: Watch that tail!
Logan Thackeray: Careful, her tail's faster than it looks.
When the tail is active
Aurene: That's it! Go after her tail again.
Aurene: Look out! More bubbles.
Aurene: Burst the bubbles before they get too high!
Aurene: Quick! Free them from those bubbles.
Aurene: This magic... It's coming from her tail. Try attacking it. Maybe it'll have some effect.
When the tail gets killed
Aurene: Yes! It's working. She was casting the bubbles from her tail.
Start of first crystal phase
Soo-Won: In the beginning there was only emptiness...and now you must join it.
Aurene: Quick, stand around the impact site—I'll protect you!
If transformed into Wisp Form
Aurene: Do not fear your state—you are not dead! Only...disembodied...with senses heightened...
Aurene: Rise! Reunite with your bodies—I have protected them. Floating memories will offer you strength.
Aurene: Hurry! Your frozen forms are fragile, and Soo-Won knows this! If will die!
Collecting a Wandering Memory while in Wisp Form (a chance at one of the following, based on story progress on that character)
Blish: I'll be fine, Commander! Go!
Blish: Take care of Gorrik. Tell him—tell him his big brother is sorry. And... Taimi, too.
Blish: And...stop keeping secrets from each other. All of you.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: I do not yield.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: The exit's up there...
Drooburt's Ghost: WooooooooOOOOOOOoooOOOOoooooOOOooooo.
Drooburt's Ghost: Thank yooOOOoouuu.
Eir Stegalkin: My time as a hero has come and gone. You're the hero that Hoelbrak needs now.
Eir Stegalkin: There's our prey! Go on, hunter, show us what you can do!
Demmi Beetlestone: Maybe I can talk some sense into her.
Demmi Beetlestone: Tybalt once told me, "Use the terrain to your advantage." Especially when the terrain goes boom.
Sieran: Let's do this, then. (if Durmand Priory)
Tybalt: I'm glad you're here. (if Order of Whispers)
Forgal: I need some help over here! (if Vigil)
Ryland Steelcatcher: This should work.
Ryland Steelcatcher: "Some must fight, so that all may be free."
Mai Trin: The loss of life will be incalculable.
Mai Trin: Here we go.
Mai Trin: Yeah. It has to be her.
Trahearne: This is it, Commander.
Smodur the Unflinching: This is what Iron trains for. This is what we do, Commander.
Smodur the Unflinching: Commander, you're one of us. You know this is exactly the sort of thing we train for. (if Iron Legion)
Scarlet Briar: Tonight, I saw it. I stared into the abyss, and it stared back at me. So much power. I don't know what's real and what isn't anymore.
Start of second crystal phase
Aurene: Another bombardment... Just like last time, you'll have to trust me again—intercept those impact sites!
Aurene: Quick, stand around the impact site—I'll protect you!
Start of first champion phase
Soo-Won: You cannot avoid the undertow pulling you toward nothingness.
Aurene: Look! Fragments of energy. Grab some—they'll empower us. But careful—some are corrupted!
Aurene: Keep fighting! I'm forming a weapon for you—it's nearly ready.
Aurene: Plunge the spear into her, now!
Soo-Won: Please...leave here...before you are all destroyed...
Aurene: Soo-Won, everything you do...we will always have an answer for it.
Aurene: She's channeling Void. Destroy them before it's too late. I will go after her.
Start of second champion phase
Aurene: Not again... Hold on tight!
Aurene: Look! Fragments of energy. Grab some—they'll empower us. But careful—some are corrupted!
Aurene: Keep that energy flowing toward me. I'm nearly ready with another spear for you.
Soo-Won: Help me!
Aurene: Soo-Won, listen to me. Fight it! It's me, Aurene—
Logan Thackeray: That battle at the top... I've never seen such bravery... Gods! She's back. Look out!
After third phase
Soo-Won: There is only Void...there is only Void...there is only—(gasp) I...I can feel its grip loosening!
Around 10%
Soo-Won: The pain...It's too much to bear!
Aurene: It tortures me to say this, but hit her...hit her hard.
Logan Thackeray: She's right. Don't waste this opportunity...It has to be done.
Event failure
Aurene: This fight... it's taken too long... and I... I'm just too tired. We've failed.
Logan Thackeray: All of you! The Void's starting to take hold again. Get back to the quarry before you're totally blocked off.
Event success
Soo-Won: Stay away!
Aurene: I've got to go after her! See...what is left.
Logan Thackeray: Look! The Void is receding.
Caithe: I see it. So many dead... So much sacrifice.
Captain Fa: I never thought I would see this day. May the gods be praised.
Kuunavang: I never thought I'd see us all fighting as one.
Aurene: I'm with Soo-Won, hidden underground—you can follow the trail I left. Champion, she wants you here.

Mother's Lament[edit]

See also: Mother's Lament#Ambient dialogue

Dialogue between Soo-Won and Aurene is available at Mother's Lament following the meta's success.

Map-wide dialogue after success[edit]

Chul-Moo: Hey, the drinks are on me tonight! This is going to be the mother of all celebrations.
Logan Thackeray: When I saw you facing up against Soo-Won...let's just say, I was concerned. Good to see you all made it through.
Captain Fa: This battle will be written about in history books. I can't believe we were a part of it.
Caithe: I will never forget how we united and emerged victorious.
About 40 seconds before the map closes
Captain Fa: Wha—gods! We've got Void blowing up again.
Logan Thackeray: I see it a black storm! RUN!
Captain Fa: Get back to the quarry!
Event dragon (map icon).pngSoo-Won has been cleansed...for now.
All heroes in Dragon's End are being redirected to the Xunlai Jade Quarry to regroup for another day.

Additional dialogue[edit]

There are additional dialogues available with your allies around the map after successful meta. These allies include:


  • Successful completion of the event is required for multiple other achievements; for full list, see here.
  • Feats for elite specialization collections were added as a reward from completing this event with the March 29, 2022 update.

Related achievements[edit]