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Stomping Around

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Stomping Around is an End of Dragons achievement that is unlocked upon receiving a Turtle Egg, either from successfully completing the Dragon's End meta event The Battle for the Jade Sea, or by buying it from Peddler for 200 Writs of Dragon's End. Finishing this achievement will reward the Siege Turtle mount.


Stomping Around Cantha End of Dragons mastery point 5Achievement points
Unlock the siege turtle by completing siege turtle collections.
Objectives: 8 objectives in total
  • Bring the turtle egg to Rota in Arborstone, and discuss what to do next.
  • Discuss additional feeding options with Rota in Arborstone.
  • Discuss saddle construction with Rota in Arborstone.
  • Talk to Rota to receive your turtle.
Completed 1 Step 0Achievement points
Completed 8 Steps 5Achievement points


Received upon gaining the Turtle Egg



Exciting Discovery


The Luxons called the Jade Sea home once. Though that was a long time ago...

We heard of your efforts in protecting this land. Our home. We also heard you've found yourself a siege turtle egg. We'd like to help you raise it, should you chose to keep it.

Meet with my sister, Rota. I believe she's working out of Arborstone. She will guide you.


Waypoint (map icon).png Arborstone Waypoint

Gallery of growth stages[edit]