Corporeal Reassignment

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Corporeal Reassignment

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Damages all allies on expiration unless the detonation is contained in a time pocket.

— In-game description

Corporeal Reassignment is an effect applied to players during the encounters with Viirastra and Arkk in the Shattered Observatory Fractal. It is also indicated by a quickly expanding circle around the affected player.

When a player is targeted for Corporeal Reassignment, they receive a number of warnings.

  • A message appears in chat, reading "You have been targeted for Corporeal Reassignment"
  • A message appears in the top portion of the screen, reading "You're doomed to explode_ find containment immediately!"
  • A red-outlined black skull appears above the player's head

If the affected player does not reach the shield dome somewhere on the platform before the effect expires, the player will explode. This will almost certainly down the player, and deal significant damage to all other allies in a large area. If however the player is within the shield when the explosion occurs, no damage is dealt to anyone.

The inside of the shield dome also displays a slowly expanding ground-target circle, which shows the remaining time to detonation; when the circle reaches the size of the shield, the player explodes.