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Mistlock Singularity

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Mistlock Singularity

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Fractals of the Mists
(The Mists)
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Appearance after being interacted with.

Mistlock Singularities provide the Rigorous Certainty effect, recharge all skills on cooldown, and repair all equipped armor when interacted with if the player has earned the Mistlock Singularities mastery. If the player has an Infinite Mist potion in their inventory (such as Infinite Mist Offensive Potion), interacting with a Mistlock Singularity will apply the potion's full duration.


The Mists


  • Cannot be used in combat.
  • A group wipe is required before they can be used again.
  • Assuming the player has activated Infinite Mist Omnipotion or the equivalent, the 5 AR granted by Rigorous Certainty also grants 7 additional toughness, precision (equivalent to 0.33% critical chance), and concentration (equivalent to 0.46% boon duration).