Legendary Brazen Gladiator

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Legendary Brazen Gladiator

The Legendary Brazen Gladiator is a charr and is the final boss of the Chaos Fractal.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Shielded - The gladiator becomes invulnerable unless his shield is removed by luring him onto active electric panels.
  • Pulls - Starting at 50% health, the gladiator begins channeling a 600 radius orange AoE. During this time his defiance bar is vulnerable. If it isn't broken in time, he will pull all players in the AoE and do high amounts of damage to them.
  • Applies Prey.png Prey to the furthest player, which puts a target indicator on their head and causes the Gladiator to chase them.
  • Will aggro on the closest player if no aggro indicator is above any player's head.

DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png

  • The defiance bar becomes unlocked when the Gladiator is channelling Pull.
  • Reflective Shielding.png Protective Shielding until lured onto an energized aether grid panel
  • Shielding Disrupted.png Shield Disruptor - Applied when he stands on an energized panel. Duration is extended for every second that he remains on such a panel. When this effect ends, Protective Shielding is reapplied.
  • Swiftness (effect).png Swiftness
  • Slice - Hit 1 in his auto-attack chain
  • Dice - Hit 2 in his auto-attack chain
  • Spinning Cut - Hit 3 in his auto attack chain. Dazes the player and deals a large amount of damage.
  • Whirling Devestation - Large AoE that pulls in players and deals massive damage. Use Crowd Control skills to break his bar and halt this attack.
Stolen skills


  • Does not drop any loot. (All loot obtained is from the chest you get for finishing the fractal.)
  • Legendary Brazen Gladiator has a 50 range diameter hitbox, which is considered small.