Defeat Scarlet

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Defeat Scarlet

(Tyria (world))
Event type
Red Boss.png
Group event
Part of
Scarlet's Minions Invade!

Defeat Scarlet was an event with a level depending on the zone that took place in many locations. It could not be completed until "Final Wave of Scarlet's Minions" within the Scarlet's Minions Invade! meta event was completed; as long as the final wave has not been cleared, Scarlet will disappear, the event will fail, and no rewards will be granted.


  • Scarlet Briar
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    Event boss (tango icon).png


  • The event provides a bonus chest with items and some copper instead of a standard event reward.




When appearing (one randomly)
Scarlet Briar: Oh, look at all of you scurrying around for your lives. So cute!
Scarlet Briar: Yoo-hoo! Over here!
Scarlet Briar: Look! A new toy to play with.
Scarlet Briar: Well, you defeated my minions. But I have a lot more.
Randomly during fight
Scarlet Briar: Stand still and let me show you what your insides look like.
Scarlet Briar: (maniacal chuckle)
Scarlet Briar: Die, die, die. Die, die, die. Die, die.
Scarlet Briar: Enjoying yourself? I know I am.
When disappearing (one randomly)
Scarlet Briar: Later, tater.
Scarlet Briar: (maniacal chuckle)
Scarlet Briar: Let's back off and review, shall we?
When defeated (one randomly)
Scarlet Briar: The afterlife...isn't ready... for me... (dying chuckle)
Scarlet Briar: What, don't you like me? Give me a chance.


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