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Skyscale Reflexes

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Skyscale Reflexes is a War Eternal achievement and part of the fourth step of the Skyscale collection.


This achievement rewards items. Skyscale Reflexes War Eternal 1Achievement points
Play catch with your skyscale in Sun's Refuge.
Reward:Skyscale Reflexes.png Skyscale Reflexes

3 Difficulty Levels Mastered 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint
Agile Apprentice.png Agile Apprentice Complete the catch minigame on easy. Interact with the ball in Sun's Refuge to play.
Agile Apprentice.png Agile Journeyman Complete the catch minigame on medium. Interact with the ball in Sun's Refuge to play.
Skyscale Reflexes.png Agile Master Complete the catch minigame on hard. Interact with the ball in Sun's Refuge to play.


  • To play the minigame interact with the ball, then use a skill on your bar to select difficulty.
  • You throw the ball to the skyscale and it will throw it back in your direction. You must stand in the white circle when it lands or the game will fail. Higher difficulties increase the speed of the ball.
  • The game ends after 12 successful catches.
  • It is possible to complete the game even on "hard" by moving normally. However, if you find it difficult:
    • Use dodge. Catching the ball refills your endurance.
    • Use teleport skills or any method that increases your movement speed.
  • The game can still be played after the achievement is complete.
Using skills 1-5 while wielding a weapon with unique projectiles will turn the ball into the weapon's unique projectile. E.G. Swinging Eternity will have you and the Skyscale play catch with Eternity.
Skyscale Reflexes Anomaly.jpg