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Skyscale Fever

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Skyscale Fever is an achievement where players administer medicine to Sick Skyscales located around Dragonfall.


This achievement rewards items. Skyscale Fever War Eternal 1Achievement points
Feed Gorrik's medicine to each skyscale.
Reward:Skyscale Fever.png Skyscale Fever

Fed 14 Skyscales 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Overview map
Collection Hint Location Walkthrough
Skyscale Fever.png Skyscale #1 Find the ailing skyscale in Sky's Reach. Skyscale 1.jpg From Gorrik head east. The Sick Skyscale is right next to him.
Skyscale 2.png Skyscale #2 Find the ailing skyscale in Grenth's Teeth. Skyscale 2.jpg West of the Vista.pngGrenth's Teeth Vista, North of the Skyscale Roost, on the side of a cliff.
Skyscale 3.png Skyscale #3 Find the ailing skyscale in Necrotic Coast. Skyscale 3.jpg Northwest of Point of interest.pngWailing Basin.
Skyscale 4.png Skyscale #4 Find the ailing skyscale in Wing's Shadow. Skyscale 4.jpg Right under the talon of the wing.
Skyscale 5.png Skyscale #5 Find the ailing skyscale in Ember Gate. Skyscale 5.jpg West of Point of interest.pngFire God's Precipice and the bridge, along the lower cliff-face. Right below the tree.
Skyscale 6.png Skyscale #6 Find the ailing skyscale in in Virulent Wastes. Skyscale 6.jpg Just outside of Crystal Bloom Camp to the southeast is a ley line, use it to get on the ledge behind it, then continue southeast and use the Sand Portal. From there head Northeast along the cliff edge.
Skyscale 7.png Skyscale #7 Find the ailing skyscale in Scorched Cliffs. Skyscale 7.jpg Slightly North-East of the Vista.pngScorched Cliffs Vista, on a lower platform.
Skyscale 8.png Skyscale #8 Find the ailing skyscale in Umbral Battlegrounds. Skyscale 8.jpg South-southwest of the Vista.pngUmbral Battlegrounds Vista. On top of the plateau.
Skyscale 9.png Skyscale #9 Find the ailing skyscale in Dragon's Causeway. Skyscale 9.jpg Southeast of the nearby Skyscale Roost Slightly Southwest of Point of interest.pngCharnel Gate.
Skyscale 10.png Skyscale #10 Find the ailing skyscale in Gnarlgrove. Skyscale 10.jpg South of the Vista.pngGnarlgrove Vista, North of the Skyscale Roost, atop a bit of land on a tree.
Skyscale 11.png Skyscale #11 Find the ailing skyscale in the Skein. Skyscale 11.jpg North of a Skyscale Roost, west of the wing, in a small waterfall grotto, opposite a statue of Melandru. At sea level.
Skyscale 12.png Skyscale #12 Find the ailing skyscale in Crystal Wing. Skyscale 12.jpg Underneath the top-most part of the wing. Near where you collected the blood from Kralkatorrik for the story.
Skyscale 13.png Skyscale #13 Find the ailing skyscale in Melandru's Chalice. Skyscale 13.jpg On top of the large tree, right at the Point of interest.pngTower of the Third.
Skyscale 14.png Skyscale #14 Find the ailing skyscale in Mosswood. Skyscale 14.jpg Due west of the Vista.pngMelandru's Chalice Vista, on the upper Tree Island.