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Championship Bout

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War Eternal.png War Eternal: Championship BoutDefeat all champions in Dragonfall. (5Achievement pointsMist Shard Coat Box) is an achievement that is part of the meta-event.


Championship Bout War Eternal 5Achievement points
Defeat all champions in Dragonfall.
Reward:Mist Shard Coat Box.png Mist Shard Coat Box

  • Ley-Infused Branded Air Elemental
  • Ley-Infused Branded Devourer
  • Ley-Infused Branded Forgotten Priest
  • Ley-Infused Branded Hydra
  • Ley-Infused Branded Ogre
  • Ley-Infused Hydra
  • Ley-Infused Shadow Elemental
  • Ley-Infused Nature Elemental
  • Ley-Infused Ghost Flayer
  • Champion Abyssal
  • Champion Nature Elemental
  • Arbiter of the Dead
Defeated 1 Champion in Dragonfall 1Achievement points
Defeated 12 Champions in Dragonfall 4Achievement points