Skyscale of Air

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Skyscale of Air.png

Skyscale of Air

Item type
Saving Skyscales
Account Bound
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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.
Collected for your skyscale.

— In-game description


Skyscale of Air War Eternal 1Achievement points
Infuse your skyscale egg with air.
Reward:Skyscale of Air.png Skyscale of Air
Completed 4 Steps 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint Walkthrough
The Nature of Air The Nature of Air Speak with Grand Elder Air Djinn Dhizosai or Grandmaster Elder Djinn Emine at Zagonur Cliffs in Domain of Vabbi. Defeat nearby foes to draw them out. Go to the Point of interest.pngHanging Gardens from Waypoint (tango icon).png Market Ruins Waypoint or Point of interest.pngSpearmarshal's Lament. Kill Djinn and elementals around the area in Domain of Vabbi until the Grand Elder Djinns appear. Or if the Grandmaster Elder Djinns have been defeated, talk to Grandmaster Elder Djinn Emine.
Winds of the Waste Winds of the Waste Get knocked down by a Dust Mite Twister, commonly found in arid desert-like areas. Head east of Waypoint (tango icon).png Cragged Vale Waypoint in Domain of Vabbi towards Eastern Mihan Hillsides to find Dust Mite Twisters. Get knocked down by a Dust Mite Twister to complete this step. Dust Mite Twisters in other maps will also complete this step.
Winds of the Garden Winds of the Garden Interact with the Cluster of Winds in the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle in Mount Maelstrom. Interact with the Concentration of Magic next to the Cantle of Sky in the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle. See the main article for the walkthrough to get to the Cantle of Sky.
Winds of the Storm Winds of the Storm Get caught in the Brand tornado in Jahai Bluffs. Seek out the Brand Tornado that moves around the Central Brand Scar. Its current location will be marked on the map while viewing from the zone itself.
Alternative: The Brand Tornado in Dragonfall counts too.