Skyscale of Courage

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Skyscale of Courage.png

Skyscale of Courage

Item type
Saving Skyscales
Account Bound
Game link

Takes effect immediately upon receipt.
Collected for your skyscale.

— In-game description


Skyscale of Courage War Eternal 1Achievement points
Infuse your skyscale egg with courage.
Reward:Skyscale of Courage.png Skyscale of Courage
Completed 5 Steps 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint Walkthrough
Courage in Face of Death Courage in Face of Death Go to Fort Trinity in Straits of Devastation and tell your egg how you defeated Zhaitan. Revisit Waypoint (tango icon).png Fort Trinity Waypoint and climb up to the Point of interest.pngAlseta Generator.
Courage in Face of Lost Will Courage in Face of Lost Will Go to Camp Resolve in the Silverwastes and tell your egg how you defeated Mordremoth. Walk east from Waypoint (tango icon).png Camp Resolve Waypoint into the ordnance workshop.
Courage in Face of Shattered Faith Courage in Face of Shattered Faith Go to King Joko's Sky Garden in the Domain of Vabbi and tell your egg how you defeated Balthazar. Beginning from Waypoint (tango icon).png Market Ruins Waypoint, hop on your Springer, and brave the Brandstorm as you climb up the scaffolding and stairs towards the top of Point of interest.pngKing Joko's Sky Garden
Courage in Face of Oblivion Courage in Face of Oblivion Go to Pact Command in Dragonfall and tell your egg how you defeated Kralkatorrik. Share your latest victory from the prow of the airship a short walk north of Waypoint (tango icon).png Pact Command Waypoint.
Courage in Face of One's Self Courage in Face of One's Self Defeat your doppelganger at Augury Rock in Elon Riverlands. Kill your character's doppelganger summoned during the fight against Branded Josso Essher or the crazed doppelganger during The Path to Ascension meta event.