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Skyscale Flight

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Skyscale Flight is a War Eternal achievement that is a part of the Skyscale collection.


This achievement rewards items. Skyscale Flight War Eternal 5Achievement points
Help your skyscale get accustomed to flying with you, and help Gorrik investigate various tears in reality that have appeared in the air across Tyria. Find Flying Lesson nodes near the tears to call your skyscale to you.
Reward: Skyscale Flight (item).pngSkyscale Flight

28 Reality Tears Studied 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Map Nearest waypoint Cheap route Notes


  • Sometimes the completion bar doesn't appear while the rift is closing, but hovering for a few seconds will still work.
  • Sometimes if two rifts are close to each other one of them won't have the quest marker and will not progress the collection.
  • There are multiple mount points and reality tears in most maps, the ones above are only one option. Only one reality rift is required per map, not all of them.
  • Mount points are usually located very close to a rift. If you have trouble spotting it check the rift map.
  • Skyscale is not necessary to activate the breach and validate a point. For example the Flying Lesson - Dry Top can be done with a skimmer.
  • Memory Fragments, objectives necessary for certain achievements, are located near flying lesson points and can be done at the same time, provided the character has the Trance Stone in their inventory.