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Troublesome Skyscales

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Troublesome Skyscales is a War Eternal achievement and the fourth step of the Skyscale collection.


Troublesome Skyscales War Eternal 5Achievement points
Teach a troublesome skyscale.
Completed 6 Steps 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


Upon unlocking this achievement (unlocks 2 hours after completing Raising Skyscales Collection Achievement)



Don't be mad.

Commander! Gorrik here. First, I just want to say how much I value our working relationship. We get a lot done, you and I, and I've always treasured that. I'm sure you have too, and I'd like you to keep that in mind as you move on to the next paragraph.

The skyscale's gone. I was vaguely distracted by my research and looked away for the BRIEFEST moment and she's just...gone. Fortunately, I implanted a tracking device in her leg, but time is not on our side. Please return to Sun's Refuge so we can enact a plan.

Respectfully yours,


P.S. Please don't tell Taimi.

Approaching Gorrik in Sun's refuge
Gorrik: Ah, you made it. Now—shall I profusely apologize, or shall we move right along to dealing with the matter at hand?
Talking to Gorrik
Gorrik: You made it. Now—shall I profusely apologize, or shall we move along to the matter at hand?
Talk more option tango.png Don't worry about it. What's the move?
Simple. You can track her down by honing in on the device I implanted. And we can leverage the fledgling's greatest love—uproariously smelly food—to lure her to you.
Talk more option tango.png Go on.
Find the ingredients for this Extra-Pungent Skyscale Treat recipe. The smell should lure your skyscale out of hiding.
Talk collection option.png Got it. (Unlocks Skyscale Lost collection)
Talk end option tango.png I must be going.
Talk more option tango.png Actually, yes. I'd love to see you profusely apologize.
I'm sure you would, but in the moments between my offering and your accepting, I managed to move past my grief. You should too.
Talk more option tango.png Noted. So what now? (Same as above)
Talk end option tango.png I must be going.
Talk end option tango.png Not right now. There's something else I need to do.
Talking to Gorrik again after unlocking Skyscale Lost
What are you still doing here—our skyscale is lost!
Talk collection option.png Show me my progress. (Opens Skyscale Lost in achievement panel)
Talk collection option.png Can you give me that recipe again? (Puts Recipe: Extra-Pungent Skyscale Treat into player's inventory)
Nearing an area with a Skyscale (one of the following)
<Character Name>: Come on out!
<Character Name>: Where are you?
Approaching a Skyscale (one of the following)
<Character Name>: Ha! Found you!
<Character Name>: There you are!
Interacting with a Skyscale (one of the following)
<Character Name>: Get back here!
<Character name>: No, no, no, no—
Interacting with the last Skyscale
<Character Name>: Looks like she's heading back to Sun's Refuge. Finally.
Interacting with Skyscale Treat in Godslost Swamp
There are tracks here. It looks like there was a scuffle. Your skyscale may be captured, or worse.
Talk more option tango.png Go on.
A shadow behemoth has been known to haunt this swamp. Maybe that creature is at fault?
Talk collection option.png Leave.
Talk end option tango.png Leave.
Talking to Gorrik after Skyscale Lost step has been completed
Success! Our fledgling returned safely. Maybe if we further strengthen your bond with her, she won't fly the coop again.
Talk more option tango.png How might I do that?
You're no stranger to training dragons. Taimi tells me you spent quite a bit of time with Aurene, playing games, teaching her to defend herself. Such guidance would greatly benefit our fledgling.
Talk collection option.png Understood. I'll see what I can do. (Unlocks Skyscale Stealth and Skyscale Reflexes)
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear that, but I must be going.
Interacting with Home Base
Give some time for your skyscale to hide.
Talk collection option.png Count really fast. (easy)
Talk collection option.png Count at a reasonable speed. (medium)
Talk collection option.png Count slowly. (hard)
Talk end option tango.png Leave
Talking to Gorrik after Skyscale Stealth and Skyscale Reflexes steps has been completed
Ah, the twinkle in her eye. The spark of intelligence. You truly have a way with genus Draconis. Killing AND training.
Talk more option tango.png Think she'll stay put this time?
I'd say so. But you can bet I'll be keeping TWO eyes on her from here on out.
Talk more option tango.png Go on.
I'll be in touch if anything springs up, but for now, consider your job done. The skyscales will endure, thanks to you.
Talk collection option.png Thanks to us. This is your achievement, too.
Talk end option tango.png I must be going.
Talk end option tango.png Glad to hear that, but I must be going.