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Character Adventure Guide is an achievement group that tracks each character's individual progress in executing basic gameplay tasks, providing experience as they progress. While there are some achievement collections tracked individually for each character, this is the only achievement group dedicated entirely for character progression.



In order to progress to the next volume, a player will need to complete a certain number of sub-achievements. Adventure Experience Awards and Volume Completion Awards are consumed automatically.

Achievement Completion Requirement Reward Experience Reward/Achievement for levels 1-79 Experience Reward/Achivement for level 80 Total Experience for levels 1-79 Total Experience for level 80
Volume One Complete 14 of 16 Achievements Adventure Experience Award.pngAdventure Experience Award: Volume One and unlocks Volume Two 18% Experience.png 7,620 Experience.png Experience.png 106,680 Experience.png
Volume Two Complete 20 of 22 Achievements Adventure Experience Award.pngVolume Completion Award: Volume Two and unlocks Volume Three 32% Experience.png 7,620 Experience.png Experience.png 152,400 Experience.png
Volume Three Complete 13 of 15 Achievements Adventure Experience Award.pngVolume Completion Award: Volume Three and unlocks Volume Four 39% Experience.png 7,620 Experience.png Experience.png 99,060 Experience.png
Volume Four Complete 20 of 22 Achievements Adventure Experience Award.pngVolume Completion Award: Volume Four and unlocks Volume Five 36% Experience.png 7,620 Experience.png Experience.png 152,400 Experience.png
Volume Five Complete 12 of 14 Achievements Adventure Experience Award.pngAdventure Experience Award: Volume Five (2) Experience.png 7,620 Experience.png Experience.png Experience.png

254,000 Experience.png is required to level up after reaching level 80.


  • Achievements of this group cannot be tracked in the Watch List.
  • Characters located in a PvP zone do not unlock the achievements until they travel to a non-pvp zone.
  • Characters that existed before the Character Adventure Guide was added will receive retroactive credit if they have already completed the objectives of the following achievements:
    • Volume One: Completing Renown Hearts I, Discovering Points of Interest I, Leveling Up I, The Adventure Begins, Viewing Vistas
    • Volume Two: Completing Renown Hearts II, Completing Story Chapters I, Discovering Points of Interest II, Discovering Waypoints, Earning Crafting Levels I, Leveling Up II, Training Skills, Viewing Vistas II
    • Volume Three: Completing Maps I, Completing Renown Hearts III, Completing Story Chapters II, Discovering Points of Interest III, Discovering WPs II, Earning Crafting Levels II, Leveling Up III, Viewing Vistas III
    • Volume Four: Completing Renown Hearts IV, Completing Story Chapters III, Discovering Points of Interest IV, Discovering Waypoints III, Earning Crafting Levels III, Leveling Up IV, Viewing Vistas IV
    • Volume Five: Completing Maps II, Completing Renown Hearts V, Completing Story Chapters IV, Discovering Points of Interest in the Ruins of Orr, Earning Crafting Levels IV, Viewing Vistas V


  • Originally added as a part of the New Player Experience A/B testing, which wasn't available to all players.