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Skyscale of Death

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Skyscale of Death is part of the Saving Skyscales achievements to unlock the Skyscale mount.


This achievement rewards items. Skyscale of Death War Eternal 1Achievement points
Infuse your skyscale egg with death.
Reward:Skyscale of Death.png Skyscale of Death

Completed 5 Steps 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Hint Walkthrough
Skyscale of Death (unhatched).png The Nature of Death Speak with Sister Lissa at the Necropolis in the Domain of Vabbi. Head into The Necropolis from Waypoint (tango icon).png Necropolis Waypoint and climb the stairs south towards the hero challenge where Sister Lissa is standing by her family.
Skyscale of Death (unhatched).png Death of the Exile Visit the dead at Exile's Rest in Elon Riverlands. Head west and slightly south from Waypoint (tango icon).png Olishar's Oasis Camp Waypoint to reach Point of interest.pngExile's Rest where you will find the Concentration of Magic
Skyscale of Death (unhatched).png Death of the Conquered Visit the dead at the Bone Palace in the Desolation. Travel to Waypoint (tango icon).png Joko's Domain Waypoint and follow the road South into the Point of interest.pngBone Palace.
The Concentration of Magic is located by Joko's throne.
If the event to defeat the Canid Throneguard is active or failed recently, the palace is surrounded by a wall of green light and the door is closed. While this event is active, the staircases on the sides of the palace have to be used to enter the throne room. If a green wall expels your character from the throne room, you will need to wait for the wall to fall in order to enter. I was able to run around the edges until I lost combat and waypoint out without killing anything.
Skyscale of Death (unhatched).png Death of the Kings Visit the dead at the Tomb of Primeval Kings in Desert Highlands. Journey to the Tomb of Primeval Kings, east from Waypoint (tango icon).png Lommuld Kraal Waypoint.
The Concentration of Magic is located at the foot of the Twin Queens near Point of interest.pngThe Portal.
Skyscale of Death (unhatched).png Death of the Oppressed Visit the dead at Champion's Dawn in the Domain of Istan. Beginning from Waypoint (tango icon).png Champion's Dawn Waypoint, follow the road southeast, then up into the graveyard known as Point of interest.pngField of the Hopeful.