Skyscale of Water

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Skyscale of Water

Item type
Saving Skyscales
Account Bound
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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.
Collected for your skyscale.

— In-game description


Skyscale of Water War Eternal 1Achievement points
Infuse your skyscale egg with water.
Reward:Skyscale of Water.png Skyscale of Water
Completed 4 Steps 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

  • The Nature of Water must be obtained first, in order to unlock the other three items in the collection.
Item Hint Walkthrough
The Nature of Water The Nature of Water Speak with Grand Elder Air Djinn Dhizosai or Grandmaster Elder Djinn Emine
at Zagonur Cliffs in Domain of Vabbi. Defeat nearby foes to draw them out.
Go to the
Point of interest.png
Hanging Gardens from
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Market Ruins Waypoint or
Point of interest.png
Spearmarshal's Lament.
Kill Djinn and elementals around the area in Domain of Vabbi until the Grand Elder Djinns appear.
If the Grandmaster Elder Djinns have been defeated, talk to Grandmaster Elder Djinn Emine.
Waters of Ntouka Waters of Ntouka Swim to the bottom of Ntouka Pond in the Domain of Kourna. From
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Allied Encampment Waypoint follow the road northwest towards
Point of interest.png
Secret Throughway.
Break the marked wall with the Roller Beetle, and dive into Ntouka Pond.
Near the bottom will be an interactable Concentration of Magic.
Alternatively, use a Springer from beside the marked wall and hop on top of the bluffs. Glide down to the Pond from there.
Waters of Castavall Waters of Castavall Swim to the bottom of Flooded Castavall in Bloodtide Coast. Travel to
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Castavall Waypoint and swim down. Near the bottom will be an interactable Concentration of Magic.
Waters of Derelict Delve Waters of Derelict Delve Swim in the water chamber in Derelict Delve in Desert Highlands. Head south from
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Derelict Delve Waypoint into the dwarven ruins.
Follow the guide in the Rune-Locked Doors article to gain access to the water-logged room.
A mesmer Portal, or  Teleport to Friend.png Teleport to Friend may be used to bypass the dwarven doors.