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You are running out of air. Get to the surface.

— In-game description

Drowning is the mode a character enters when their health reaches zero while in underwater mode. While in this state, characters are still mobile while being limited to a special set of four skills similar but different to the ones used when downed on land.[1]

There are 4 ways to recover from drowning:

  • You kill an opponent, which will cause you to rally.
  • An ally can revive you.
  • You escape away from combat and use Bandage to self-revive.
  • You reach the surface of the water, where you will stop drowning and regain health. However, you will be effectively paralyzed and vulnerable to any opponents that may be still attacking you. When your health bar fills all the way, you will be revived


  • As underwater mode does not introduce any breath meter or equivalent game mechanic, drowning is an avoidable state that does not require any altered play while underwater. When a character is in good health in an underwater area, surfacing is optional.
  • Though characters have no skills available at the surface of the water, they are still vulnerable to damage. It is thus possible to enter drowning state while at the water's surface. However, characters that begin drowning at the surface will still count as having reached the surface, and recovering health will start automatically. If you are still engaged in combat and very close to the surface, you may want to continue swimming just below the surface of the water in an attempt to escape from combat before surfacing.

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