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For each point of downed penalty, you start with less health the next time you go down.

— In-game description

Downed penalty is a mechanic that prevents downed player characters from rallying or being revived indefinitely in a short period of time. Each time a character is downed, it receives 1 point of the downed penalty that lasts for 60 seconds. For each point, character's downed health is reduced by 25%. Characters that accumulate 4 penalty points, i.e. are downed four times within a minute, are automatically defeated.

User interface[edit]

On the skill bar, the status of the accumulated penalty is indicated by the icon at the bottom left of the health orb after returning from the downed state.

Downed Penalty shown to the left and below the health orb.
Icon # points Health on next revival
NA 1 75%
Downed penalty grey.png 2 50%
Downed penalty yellow.png 3 25%
Downed penalty red.png 4 0% = defeated


  • Downed penalty is disabled in SPvP arenas.
  • Although the downed penalty icon appears as soon as a character is downed, the user interface switches to the downed mode too fast for most people to notice.
The tooltip suggests that the penalty applies the next time you become downed, rather than taking effect immediately.


  • Guild Wars 1 has a similar mechanic called Death Penalty, which reduces maximum health by a percentage when resurrected after being killed.