Downed penalty

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the result of getting repeatedly downed. For the armor damage system, see Armor#Repair.

For each point of downed penalty, you start with less health the next time you go down.

— In-game description

Each time you are downed, you earn one point of downed penalty that lasts for 60 seconds. For each point, your initial health bar is reduced by 25%. Characters that accumulate four penalty points are automatically defeated, i.e. if you are downed four times within a minute, you do not have a chance to rally.

You can see how much penalty you have accumulated by looking at the icon at the bottom left of the health orb after rallying.

Downed Penalty shown to the left and below the health orb.
Icon # points Health on next down
NA 1 75%
DPgrey.png 2 50%
DPyellow.png 3 25%
DPred.png 4 0% = defeated


  • Although the icon appears as soon as you're downed, the normal GUI changes too fast to the downed GUI for most people to notice.
The tooltip suggests that the penalty applies the next time you become downed, rather than taking effect immediately.