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Traits before the rework[edit]


Trait has table has history page


Flame Barrier Flame Barrier 1Yes 1Yes
Sunspot Sunspot 1Yes 1Yes
Burning Rage Burning Rage 1Yes 1Yes
Lava Tomb Lava Tomb 1Yes 0No
Conjurer Conjurer 1Yes 1Yes
Ember's Might Ember's Might 1Yes 1Yes
Spell Slinger Spell Slinger 1Yes 1Yes
Burning Precision Burning Precision 1Yes 1Yes
Internal Fire Internal Fire 1Yes 1Yes
Pyromancer's Alacrity Pyromancer's Alacrity 1Yes 1Yes
Burning Fire Burning Fire 1Yes 1Yes
Fire's Embrace Fire's Embrace 1Yes 1Yes
One with Fire Smothering Auras 1Yes 1Yes
Persisting Flames Persisting Flames 1Yes 1Yes
Pyromancer's Puissance Pyromancer's Puissance 1Yes 1Yes
Blinding Ashes Blinding Ashes 1Yes 1Yes


Zephyr's Speed (elementalist) Zephyr's Speed 1Yes 1Yes
Electric Discharge Electric Discharge 1Yes 1Yes
Weak Spot Weak Spot 1Yes 1Yes
Zephyr's Boon Zephyr's Boon 1Yes 1Yes
Zephyr's Focus Zephyr's Focus 1Yes 1Yes
Quick Glyphs Quick Glyphs 1Yes 1Yes
One with Air One with Air 1Yes 1Yes
Soothing Winds Soothing Winds 1Yes 1Yes
Bolt to the Heart Bolt to the Heart 1Yes 1Yes
Arcane Lightning Arcane Lightning 1Yes 1Yes
Inscription (trait) Inscription 1Yes 1Yes
Aeromancer's Alacrity Aeromancer's Alacrity 1Yes 1Yes
Air Training Air Training 1Yes 1Yes
Tempest Defense Tempest Defense 1Yes 1Yes
Fresh Air Fresh Air 1Yes 1Yes
Lightning Rod Lightning Rod 1Yes 1Yes


Stone Flesh Stone Flesh 1Yes 1Yes
Earthen Blast Earthen Blast 1Yes 1Yes
Enduring Damage (elementalist) Enduring Damage 1Yes 1Yes
Obsidian Focus Obsidian Focus 1Yes 0No
Signet Mastery (elementalist) Signet Mastery 1Yes 1Yes
Earth's Embrace Earth's Embrace 1Yes 1Yes
Serrated Stones Serrated Stones 1Yes 1Yes
Elemental Shielding Elemental Shielding 1Yes 1Yes
Stone Splinters Stone Splinters 1Yes 1Yes
Strength of Stone Strength of Stone 1Yes 1Yes
Rock Solid Rock Solid 1Yes 1Yes
Geomancer's Freedom Geomancer's Freedom 1Yes 1Yes
Geomancer's Alacrity Geomancer's Alacrity 1Yes 1Yes
Diamond Skin Diamond Skin 1Yes 1Yes
Written in Stone Written in Stone 1Yes 1Yes
Stone Heart Stone Heart 1Yes 1Yes


Soothing Mist Soothing Mist 0No 0No
Healing Ripple Healing Ripple 0No 0No
Bountiful Power Bountiful Power 0No 0No
Arcane Abatement Arcane Restoration 0No 0No
Shard of Ice Shard of Ice 0No 0No
Cantrip Mastery Cantrip Mastery 0No 0No
Piercing Shards Piercing Shards 0No 0No
Soothing Wave Soothing Wave 0No 0No
Vital Striking Vital Striking 0No 0No
Stop, Drop, and Roll Stop, Drop, and Roll 0No 0No
Aquamancer's Alacrity Aquamancer's Alacrity 0No 0No
Soothing Disruption Soothing Disruption 0No 0No
Cleansing Wave (trait) Cleansing Wave 0No 0No
Cleansing Water Cleansing Water 0No 0No
Powerful Aura Powerful Aura 0No 0No
Aquatic Benevolence Aquatic Benevolence 0No 0No


Arcane Fury Arcane Fury 0No 0No
Lingering Elements Lingering Elements 0No 0No
Arcane Precision Arcane Precision 0No 0No
Arcane Mastery Arcane Mastery 0No 0No
Renewing Stamina Renewing Stamina 0No 0No
Final Shielding Final Shielding 0No 0No
Vigorous Scepter Vigorous Scepter 0No 0No
Blasting Staff Blasting Staff 0No 0No
Windborne Dagger Windborne Dagger 0No 0No
Arcane Retribution Arcane Retribution 0No 0No
Elemental Attunement Elemental Attunement 0No 0No
Arcane Resurrection Arcane Resurrection 0No 0No
Arcane Energy Arcane Energy 0No 0No
Evasive Arcana Evasive Arcana 0No 0No
Elemental Surge Elemental Surge 0No 0No
Elemental Contingency Elemental Contingency 0No 0No

Other Traits removed since release[edit]

Earthen Proxy Earthen Proxy 0No 0No
Grounded (trait) Grounded 0No 0No
Icy Mist Icy Mist 0No 0No
Salt Stone Salt Stone 0No 0No


Trait has table has history page


Illusion of Vulnerability Illusion of Vulnerability 0No 0No
Dazzling Dazzling 0No 0No
Wastrel's Punishment Wastrel's Punishment 0No 0No
Mental Torment Mental Torment 0No 0No
Halting Strike Halting Strike 0No 0No
Empowered Illusions Empowered Illusions 0No 0No
Rending Shatter Rending Shatter 0No 0No
Crippling Dissipation Crippling Dissipation 0No 0No
Signet Mastery (mesmer) Signet Mastery 0No 0No
Shattered Concentration Shattered Concentration 0No 0No
Confusing Enchantments Confusing Enchantments 0No 0No
Cleansing Conflagration Cleansing Conflagration 0No 0No
Greatsword Training Greatsword Training 0No 0No
Empowering Mantras Empowering Mantras 0No 0No
Confounding Suggestions Confounding Suggestions 0No 0No
Power Block Power Block 0No 0No


Critical Infusion Critical Infusion 0No 0No
Sharper Images Sharper Images 0No 0No
Confusing Combatants Confusing Combatants 0No 0No
Far-Reaching Manipulations Far-Reaching Manipulations 0No 0No
Phantasmal Fury Phantasmal Fury 0No 0No
Retaliatory Shield Retaliatory Shield 0No 0No
Blade Training Blade Training 0No 0No
Desperate Decoy Desperate Decoy 0No 0No
Mantra Mastery Mantra Mastery 0No 0No
Protected Mantras Protected Mantras 0No 0No
Blurred Inscriptions Blurred Inscriptions 0No 0No
Duelist's Discipline Duelist's Discipline 0No 0No
Deceptive Evasion Deceptive Evasion 0No 0No
Harmonious Mantras Harmonious Mantras 0No 0No
Furious Interruption Furious Interruption 0No 0No
Triumphant Distortion Triumphant Distortion 0No 0No


Metaphysical Rejuvenation Metaphysical Rejuvenation 0No 0No
Illusionary Membrane Illusionary Membrane 0No 0No
Chaotic Transference Chaotic Transference 0No 0No
Chaotic Revival Chaotic Revival 0No 0No
Descent into Madness Method of Madness 0No 0No
Master of Manipulation Master of Manipulation 0No 0No
Illusionary Defense Illusionary Defense 0No 0No
Debilitating Dissipation Debilitating Dissipation 0No 0No
Retaliatory Demise Retaliatory Demise 0No 0No
Mirror of Anguish Auspicious Anguish 0No 0No
Bountiful Interruption Bountiful Interruption 0No 0No
Cleansing Inscriptions Cleansing Inscriptions 0No 0No
Chaotic Dampening Chaotic Dampening 0No 0No
Chaotic Interruption Chaotic Interruption 0No 0No
Prismatic Understanding Prismatic Understanding 0No 0No
Bountiful Disillusionment Bountiful Disillusionment 0No 0No


Vengeful Images Vengeful Images 0No 0No
Phantasmal Healing Phantasmal Healing 0No 0No
Phantasmal Strength Phantasmal Strength 0No 0No
Medic's Feedback Medic's Feedback 0No 0No
Glamour Mastery Glamour Mastery 0No 0No
Vigorous Revelation Vigorous Revelation 0No 0No
Mender's Purity Mender's Purity 0No 0No
Sympathetic Visage Sympathetic Visage 0No 0No
Compounding Celerity Compounding Celerity 0No 0No
Malicious Sorcery Malicious Sorcery 0No 0No
Warden's Feedback Warden's Feedback 0No 0No
Temporal Enchanter Temporal Enchanter 0No 0No
Restorative Mantras Restorative Mantras 0No 0No
Shattered Conditions Shattered Conditions 0No 0No
Restorative Illusions Restorative Illusions 0No 0No
Disruptor's Sustainment Disruptor's Sustainment 0No 0No


Cry of Pain Cry of Pain 0No 0No
Illusionists Celerity Illusionist's Celerity 0No 0No
Shattered Strength Shattered Strength 0No 0No
Precise Wrack Precise Wrack 0No 0No
Confusing Cry Confusing Cry 0No 0No
Compounding Power Compounding Power 0No 0No
Masterful Reflection Masterful Reflection 0No 0No
Master of Misdirection Master of Misdirection 0No 0No
Dazzling Glamours Dazzling Glamours 0No 0No
Illusionary Elasticity Illusionary Elasticity 0No 0No
Illusionary Invigoration Illusionary Invigoration 0No 0No
Blinding Befuddlement Blinding Befuddlement 0No 0No
Phantasmal Haste Phantasmal Haste 0No 0No
Illusionary Persona Illusionary Persona 0No 0No
Imbued Diversion Imbued Diversion 0No 0No
Maim the Disillusioned Maim the Disillusioned 0No 0No


Trait has table has history page


Parasitic Bond Parasitic Bond 1Yes 1Yes
Death into Life Death into Life 1Yes 1Yes
Siphoned Power Siphoned Power 1Yes 1Yes
Death's Embrace Death's Embrace 1Yes 1Yes
Spiteful Talisman Spiteful Talisman 0No 0No
Spiteful Removal Spiteful Removal 0No 0No
Signet Mastery (necromancer) Signet Mastery 0No 0No
Spiteful Spirit Spiteful Spirit 0No 0No
Reaper's Might Reaper's Might 0No 0No
Spiteful Marks Spiteful Marks 0No 0No
Axe Training Axe Training 0No 0No
Training of the Master Training of the Master 0No 0No
Chill of Death Chill of Death 0No 0No
Dhuumfire Dhuumfire 0No 0No
Close to Death Close to Death 0No 0No
Parasitic Contagion Parasitic Contagion 0No 0No


Barbed Precision Barbed Precision 0No 0No
Furious Demise Furious Demise 0No 0No
Target the Weak Target the Weak 0No 0No
Toxic Landing Toxic Landing 0No 0No
Hemophilia Hemophilia 0No 0No
Chilling Darkness Chilling Darkness 0No 0No
Weakening Shroud Weakening Shroud 0No 0No
Reaper's Precision Reaper's Precision 0No 0No
Focused Rituals Focused Rituals 0No 0No
Master of Corruption Master of Corruption 0No 0No
Banshee's Wail Banshee's Wail 0No 0No
Terror Terror 0No 0No
Spectral Attunement Spectral Attunement 0No 0No
Lingering Curse Lingering Curse 0No 0No
Withering Precision Withering Precision 0No 0No
Path of Corruption Path of Corruption 0No 0No

Death Magic[edit]

Armored Shroud Armored Shroud 0No 0No
Soul Comprehension Soul Comprehension 0No 0No
Deadly Strength Deadly Strength 0No 0No
Dark Armor Dark Armor 0No 0No
Spiteful Vigor Spiteful Vigor 0No 0No
Minion Master Minion Master 0No 0No
Ritual of Protection Ritual of Protection 0No 0No
Staff Mastery Staff Mastery 0No 0No
Shrouded Removal Shrouded Removal 0No 0No
Greater Marks Greater Marks 0No 0No
Reaper's Protection Dark Defiance 0No 0No
Death Shiver Death Shiver 0No 0No
Flesh of the Master Flesh of the Master 0No 0No
Death Nova Death Nova 0No 0No
Necromantic Corruption Necromantic Corruption 0No 0No
Unholy Sanctuary Unholy Sanctuary 0No 0No

Blood Magic[edit]

Full of Life Full of Life 0No 0No
Vampiric Vampiric 0No 0No
Blood to Power Blood to Power 0No 0No
Dagger Mastery Dagger Mastery 0No 0No
Bloodthirst Bloodthirst 0No 0No
Mark of Evasion Mark of Evasion 0No 0No
Ritual of Life Ritual of Life 0No 0No
Vampiric Precision Vampiric Precision 0No 0No
Transfusion Transfusion 0No 0No
Vampiric Master Vampiric Master 0No 0No
Ritual Mastery Ritual Mastery 0No 0No
Deathly Invigoration Deathly Invigoration 0No 0No
Quickening Thirst Quickening Thirst 0No 0No
Fetid Consumption Fetid Consumption 0No 0No
Vampiric Rituals Vampiric Rituals 0No 0No
Unholy Martyr Unholy Martyr 0No 0No

Soul Reaping[edit]

Gluttony Gluttony 0No 0No
Last Gasp Last Gasp 0No 0No
Strength of Undeath Soul Battery 0No 0No
Fear of Death Fear of Death 0No 0No
Vital Persistence Vital Persistence 0No 0No
Path of Midnight Path of Midnight 0No 0No
Spectral Mastery Spectral Mastery 0No 0No
Speed of Shadows Speed of Shadows 0No 0No
Unyielding Blast Unyielding Blast 0No 0No
Mark of Revival Mark of Revival 0No 0No
Near to Death Near to Death 0No 0No
Master of Terror Master of Terror 0No 0No
Soul Marks Soul Marks 0No 0No
Foot in the Grave Foot in the Grave 0No 0No
Death Perception Death Perception 0No 0No
Renewing Blast Renewing Blast 0No 0No

Other Traits removed since release[edit]

Decaying Swarm Decaying Swarm 0No 0No
Protection of the Horde Protection of the Horde 0No 0No
Reanimator Reanimator 0No 0No
Signet Power Signet Power 0No 0No