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Frequent Forgotten Teleporter

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Frequent Forgotten Teleporter is an achievement in Elon Riverlands that involves finding and using the seven still-functional Forgotten Teleporters scattered about the map.


Frequent Forgotten Teleporter Elon Riverlands 3Achievement points
Successfully use all the functioning Forgotten Teleporters in the Elon Riverlands.Forgotten teleporters have been in the Crystal Desert for centuries, aiding adventurers' travel across gaps and steep terrain. 1 Forgotten Teleporter Used 1Achievement points
7 Forgotten Teleporters Used 2Achievement points


There are many old teleporters scattered about the desert, but only six in Elon Riverlands are still intact and functional, with a seventh, broken one at Augury Rock being artificially activated during the meta event. A functional teleporter can be recognised by its four intact switches; broken ones are typically half-buried in the sand or have crumbling, useless switches. An active teleporter can be recognised by its white runes circling the teleportation pad; it's not necessary to activate them yourself to receive credit for the achievement.

Activating a teleporter works in exactly the same way it did in Guild Wars, or a simplified version of Pahan's mastery challenge: stand on the teleportation pad to trigger the switches, study the pattern in which they light up, then interact with them in the same order. Unlike Pahan's challenge, there are only four switches and you only need to activate them once.

# Location Closest Waypoint or PoI Map Description
1 Augury Rock
Point of interest.png
Hall of Ascension
Frequent Forgotten Teleporter 1.jpg Overlooking the mesa to the southwest. It is activated by the NPC at the end of
Event shield (tango icon).png
Help Kaidenna bring Forgotten magics to the Augury teleporter (80) and may be used at any point during
Event star (tango icon).png
[Group Event] Defeat Branded Josso Essher in the Ascension Chamber (80).
2 Vulture Drifts Westbound
Point of interest.png
Garden of the Chosen
Frequent Forgotten Teleporter 2.jpg Located just south of the letter "s" in "Vulture Drifts" on world map view. On a little island above the water.
3 Vulture Drifts Eastbound
Point of interest.png
Garden of the Chosen
Frequent Forgotten Teleporter 3.jpg Located directly on the point of interest.
4 Ustulate Barrens Southbound
Point of interest.png
Decimation Bend
Frequent Forgotten Teleporter 4.jpg North of the northbound teleporter.
5 Ustulate Barrens Northbound
Point of interest.png
Decimation Bend
Frequent Forgotten Teleporter 5.jpg Just northwest of the point of interest.
6 Whispering Grottos
Point of interest.png
Dragoon Hearth
Frequent Forgotten Teleporter 6.jpg Cave entrance located along the eastern wall (of the map) outside (above) the caverns. The cave is occupied by corsairs. Search for a niche in the cliff just north of the exit teleporter. The teleporter inside the cave will be west of the waterfall area.
7 The Quickmire
Point of interest.png
Leviathan's Gullet
Frequent Forgotten Teleporter 7.jpg Inside a cave whose entrance is directly west of the point of interest (green path). Head through the cave and north (blue path). Watch out for the Awakened.