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Magic Hunter

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Overview map
An unstable magic node

Magic Hunter is an achievement consisting of gathering magic nodes in Elon Riverlands.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Magic Hunter Elon Riverlands Path of Fire mastery point 5Achievement points
Collect data from unstable magic nodes by moving through them.
  • Meet Researcher Raizza
  • Skimshallow Cove
  • Skritt's Audience
  • Godslost Sandfalls
  • Fallback Fissure
  • Pilgrims' Folly
  • The Bone Gate
  • Stoneyard Rest
  • Olishar's Oasis Camp
  • Back Door of Augury Rock
  • Heroes' Overlook
  • Whispering Grottos
  • The Quickmire
  • Deadlock Sweep
  • Throne of Pellentia
  • Lonely Vigil
Data Collected on 1 Unstable Magic Node 1Achievement points
Data Collected on 2 Unstable Magic Nodes 0Achievement points
Data Collected on 3 Unstable Magic Nodes 0Achievement points
Data Collected on 4 Unstable Magic Nodes 0Achievement points


Objective Map Notes


  • The device given by Researcher Raizza does not take up an inventory slot and does not require any interaction to use. Accepting the device from Researcher Raizza simply unlocks the collection.