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Ghostly Trio

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Ghostly Trio is an Elon Riverlands achievement. To complete it, the player must follow three ghostly heroes on their journey through the Elon Riverlands.


Ghostly Trio Elon Riverlands 3Achievement points
Follow the three ghostly heroes through each step of their return path, and meet their leader.Centuries ago, three heroes guided the Chosen through the Trials of Ascension.
When Augury Rock is compromised, they will journey to the Throne of Pellentia to meet their leader, Turai Ossa.
Followed the Ghostly Heroes 3Achievement points


Map showing the complete path for the Ghostly Trio achievement.

10 minutes after successfully defeating Branded Josso Essher in the Ascension Chamber, the Augury Rock will close and any players inside will be expelled to the ledge at the west side of it. A few seconds later the three ghosts appear on the ledge and drop a marker, Visage of Pellentia. Speak with the ghosts and interact with the marker.

Once you've interacted with the marker, the ghosts will teleport out of sight to the west (in the direction they were facing); to keep track of them, follow the Ghostly Heroes (map icon).png icon on the map. Walk with them as they proceed west then south to the hero challenge near the Throne of Pellentia point of interest. Stay approximately within a 900 range of them or, with no participating players nearby, they will abandon their pilgrimage.

You must collect all 10 visages before you reach the final destination; the entire journey takes about 15 minutes. At the Throne of Pellentia, speak with Turai Ossa to complete the achievement.

The pilgrimage, and the achievement, can be attended as long as the ghostly heroes are still present at the Throne of Pellentia. The ghostly heroes will remain for 5 minutes after reaching the Throne of Pellentia.


Notifications during the achievement