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Equipment Tracker

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Equipment Tracker is an achievement given out by Master Sergeant Shadi in the north-west of Elon Riverlands granting a mastery point.


This achievement rewards items.This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Equipment Tracker Elon Riverlands Path of Fire mastery point 5Achievement points
Find and return Master Sergeant Shadi's lost equipment.
Reward:Mini Master Sergeant Shadi.png Mini Master Sergeant Shadi

  • Shadi's Shopping List
  • Shadi's Sword
  • Shadi's Helm
  • Shadi's Gloves
  • Shadi's Boots
  • Shadi's Armor
  • Shadi's Reward
Recovered 1 Piece of Equipment 1Achievement points
Recovered 2 Pieces of Equipment 0Achievement points
Recovered 3 Pieces of Equipment 0Achievement points
Recovered 4 Pieces of Equipment 1Achievement points

Collection Items[edit]

Item Shadi's Hint Acquisition Map
Shadi's Shopping List Speak to Shadi - given with the collection.
Shadi's Sword "Lost a bet with a djinn one time... That's a long story. No idea what he's doing with it, but I can't imagine he'll just give it over." Defeat the Veteran Fire Djinn just west of Shadi. Shadi's Sword map.jpg
Shadi's Helm "The helm I lost exploring a cave in the east of the Riverlands. I meant to go back and get it, but then the dragon went through there, so I held off." In a Pile of Equipment to the south of the Hero Challenge in the northeast corner of Ustulate Barrens, inside a cave. Shadi's Helm map.jpg
Shadi's Gloves "I was doing some rock climbing on the plateaus south of the skimmer camp. I took 'em off to get a better grip and must have left them up there." In a Pile of Leaves on a rock pillar southeast of the Pillars of Supremacy point of interest, south of the Skimmer Ranch waypoint. Shadi's Gloves map.jpg
Shadi's Boots "I was taking a nap just north of the Abandoned Barrows, and a skritt came up and stole 'em! I couldn't catch up to him. Hot sand and no shoes!" Being worn by a skritt named Veteran Chikkchak in a tent at Skritt's Audience. Shadi's Boots map.jpg
Shadi's Armor "I had it in a chest, in a cave near Skimmer Ranch. I was living there until the Forged showed up. It should still be there. I doubt the Forged have much use for it." In a Hermit's Chest in a cave northeast of Skimmer Ranch, at the Fallback Fissure point of interest. Shadi's Armor map.jpg
Shadi's Reward Return to Shadi after finding all of her equipment.

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