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Mysteries of the Exalted

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Mysteries of the Exalted

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Path from Skimmer Ranch Waypoint

Mysteries of the Exalted is a mastery insight found in Champion's Gap.


Crystal Desert

When interacting with the Exalted Tablet it states the following:

"Hope must be nurtured like a newborn. This site marks the birthplace of Glint's legacy and our hope for a better world." - Josso Essher

Your response is: "So this is where it began"

After interacting with the tablet again your response is: "I wonder what happened to Josso Essher.

Getting there[edit]

Start from
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Skimmer Ranch Waypoint and head north to the hill with mastery point mark. Go north a little ways and you will see a gap in the ground, which is also visible on map. Drop down in that hole and use skimmer to pass the quicksand. Take a turn left after you see cave bats and get in a door with exalted pylons.


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