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Forgotten Debris (achievement)

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Forgotten Debris is an achievement that involves finding all of the Forgotten Debris caches scattered about the Elon Riverlands.


Forgotten Debris Elon Riverlands 5Achievement points
Discover Forgotten debris spread throughout the Elon Riverlands.
  • Skyward Reach
  • Skyward Reach
  • Beneath Skyward Reach
  • Near Sandbound Towers
  • Within Augury Rock
  • Within Augury Rock
  • Godslost Sandfalls
  • Ustulate Barrens
  • Whispering Grottos
  • Deadlock Sweep
  • Overlooking Deadlock Sweep
  • Overlooking the Scavangelands
  • Beneath Champion's Gap
  • Beneath Champion's Gap
  • Vulture Drifts
  • Overlooking Vulture Drifts
  • Arid Gladefields Pool
  • Overlooking Arid Gladefields
  • Deep Below Arid Gladefields
  • Skimshallow Cove
  • Elon Flow
  • Shoals of Sovereignty
  • High Above the Elon Riverbank
  • Shallows of Despair
  • Shallows of Despair
  • Overlooking Shallows of Despair
Discovered 1 Forgotten Debris 1Achievement points
Discovered 8 Forgotten Debris 1Achievement points
Discovered 16 Forgotten Debris 1Achievement points
Discovered 26 Forgotten Debris 2Achievement points


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