Renown Heart NPC

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Renown Heart NPC. For the game mechanic, see Renown Heart.

A Renown Heart NPC is a special Non-player character associated with a Renown Heart. The NPC will provide details on the renown heart, the lore of the area, and contributing tasks. Once a renown heart is completed, that NPC will change to a vendor as a special karma merchant, identified by a Renown Heart (map icon).png symbol. Players cannot acccess a Renown Heart NPC's inventory until the renown heart is completed.

They are easily identified by having either Renown Heart empty (map icon).png or Complete heart (map icon).png above them. The former indicates that the NPC's goal has not been completed yet; the latter indicates that it has been completed and the NPC is now offering items for sale.

The items that Renown Heart NPCs sell are typically connected in flavor, lore, or mechanics to the goal that your character helped them with.


  • Some of these NPCs sell items that are only available from them, or other NPCs like them, such as food items, recipes, and in certain cases like the ones close to a water area, underwater breather helm armor.