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Skimmer Ranch

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Skimmer Ranch

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Skimmer Ranch map.jpg
Map of Skimmer Ranch

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Skimmer Ranch.jpg

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Skimmer Ranch is an area in the Elon Riverlands where players can acquire the skimmer mount.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Renown Hearts
Complete heart (map icon).png Use a skimmer to help with training around the ranch (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Skimmer Ranch Waypoint —
Adventure (map icon).png Skimshallow Cove Supply Run



Ghosts (Part of the Ghostly Trio)



Ambient creatures


Ambient dialogue[edit]

When rations are delivered to a lookout
Lookout: Hey, thanks. You've done a real kindness here.
Lookout: Thanks, those rations'll hit the spot.
Lookout: Just in time! I'm so hungry I could eat a choya.
Lookout: Phew, I was famished. Thanks for the help.
When an injured villagers gets healed
Healed Villager: Thanks. I owe you my life, stranger.
Healed Villager: You're a lifesaver! Bless you.
Healed Villager: Thank the gods you came along. The pull of the quicksand was too strong.
The lookout on the northeastern pyramid
Lookout: No, don't let them get to the feed!
The lookout right west of the dome
Lookout: Forged are attacking! Defend the feed stores.
The villager by the eastern quicksand lake
Villager: How are we going to get those skimmers back to their pens?
Villager: Hey. If you can get close to one of those runaway skimmers, please try to catch it.
Two workers below the dome
Worker (1): Hurry it up. The skimmers are starving.
Worker (2): Right away, sir.
Two workers south of the dome
Worker (1): What are you doing? Get that feed over here!
Worker (2): Sorry, sir. Got distracted.
Two villagers right next to one of the dome's western pillars
Villager (1): What is Balthazar up to? We don't have anything the Forged would need.
Villager (2): I think they were headed elsewhere and we were just on their way. The attack would've been worse if we were their goal.
Villager (1): Where would they be going? There's nothing of value anywhere around here.
Villager (2): Don't ask me. I have no desire to get involved in the affairs of gods. Too dangerous.
Two villagers next to one of the dome's eastern pillars, directly east of the previous two
Villager (1): The Forged came and went so fast I didn't have time to hide.
Villager (2): If they were here for supplies, they sure didn't get much.
Villager (1): They really seemed in a hurry. Wonder what was going on.
Villager (2): I feel sorry for whatever's got them riled up.
When approaching Nura on the western platform
Nura: Our allies stashed some casks of water that we now desperately need.
Nura: Think you can help?
Nura: There are emergency rations awaiting pickup in the desert.
Nura: Think you can help?


  • Certain Forged, like Forged Sharpshooters, can pick up barrels from the feed stores in this area, which allows them to use the barrel's throw skill. The barrels can be picked up by players after dodging the throw.
  • An unnamed skimmer pup can be seen floating around in this area.