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Disambig icon.png "Ho-Ho-Tron" redirects here. For the replica seen during Wintersday from 2014 onwards, see Replica Ho-Ho-Tron.

A begging golem. This oughta be a laugh.

Quartermaster Gnashblade

The Hero-Tron (formerly known as Job-o-Tron, and subsequently Hobo-Tron, Ho-Ho-Tron and Heal-o-Tron) is currently a job placement golem assisting repatriated refugees and new residents of Lion's Arch to find jobs. Hero-Tron is also the source of completing the Glutton for Guidance achievement. As a reward for completing the achievement, Hero-Tron gives the player a consumable employment pamphlet worth 5,000 karma on consumption.


Originally a Consortium golem on Southsun Cove, Job-o-Tron was made redundant after the contracts indenturing Molten Alliance refugees on the island to the Consortium were destroyed. Its original purpose—to "encourage" the settlers to find gainful employment—diminished, Job-o-Tron set off to find income elsewhere.

Eventually, as Hobo-Tron, it found itself in Divinity's Reach during the Queen's Jubilee, where it competed with the minstrel Marcello DiGiacomo for a corner. When Scarlet attacked the city, the pair found themselves captured, and the amoral machine offered up its services as a hench-golem. They were soon liberated, however, and were convicted of abetting Scarlet. Ho-ho-Tron and Marcello raised money to help repair the damage to the city.

When Lion's Arch came under attack by Scarlet's forces, the golem fled to Vigil Keep, where it volunteered its services to Lionguard Healer Halloway as a backup medic aptly taking up the name Heal-o-Tron. When the Seraph arrived to apprehend the fugitive golem and revealed the truth about its past, Heal-o-Tron's help was rejected and the golem was forced to evade arrest once more, requesting the assistance of Quartermaster Evon Gnashblade. After purchasing a combat chassis and an energy amplifier, Heal-o-Tron left to Lion's Arch, where it played a crucial role as a combat medic in the battle against Scarlet.

During the Festival of the Four Winds, Heal-o-Tron gathered monetary donations inside the Crown Pavilion to aid in the effort to rebuild Lion's Arch after it was nearly destroyed during the Battle for Lion's Arch. When a member of the Ministry Guard came to arrest the golem, Rox and Braham Eirsson came to its defense, calling it a "hero of Lion's Arch".

Some time later, after the destruction of the Pact fleet, Captain Ellen Kiel brought Heal-o-Tron to Captain Magnus in Fort Marriner to be his new aide and help in the reconstruction effort. Kiel introduced the golem to Magnus as a hero, prompting it to change its moniker to Hero-Tron. Magnus and Kiel declared Hero-Tron a free citizen of Lion's Arch, promising that it would no longer have to worry about the Seraph. Magnus then tasked Hero-Tron with helping new and returning citizens to get back to work, something the former Consortium recruitment golem was only too happy to do. However, moments later Hero-Tron was confronted by Evon Gnashblade, who had traced the golem's ID number back to the Consortium on Southsun Cove. Gnashblade used this information to blackmail Hero-Tron into spying on the Captain's Council for him.

As refugees from Elona arrived on Lion's Arch, Hero-Tron can be seen conversing with Ogden Stonehealer about the golem's apparent independent thought and wishes to interview him. Hero-Tron agrees as long as his duties as an "official representative" of Lion's Arch dont interfere.



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I—have—been—charged—with—finding—jobs—for—repatriated—refugees—and—new—residents—of—this—city. Would—you—care—for—a—pamphlet.
(if account hasn't obtained Entry Level Opportunities in Lion's Arch yet)
Talk more option tango.png
Sure, why not? Thanks.
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Not today, thank you.


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Small—talk—initiated: Hot—enough—for—you?


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