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Rebooting IG-6417

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Rebooting IG-6417 is an achievement. The player is tasked with downloading software to reboot IG-6417.


Rebooting IG-6417 A Bug in the System 3Achievement points
Download the software needed to repair IG-6417.It's all in the programming.
Prerequisite: Repairing IG-6417
Reward:Inquest Mechanism.png Inquest Mechanism
Collected 8 Items 3Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Name Map Location
Module MV-337.png Module MV-337 Module 5.1.jpg Module 5.2.jpg Through the Jackal portal South of Specimen Chamber. Can also be accessed through the wall of the chamber.
Module GP-739.png Module GP-739 Module 7.jpg East of Communications Array
Module HR-874.png Module HR-874 Module 6.jpg South of Specimen Chamber
Module ZN-290.png Module ZN-290 Module 4.jpg Southeast of Specimen Chamber
Module JT-609.png Module JT-609 Module 3.jpg Southwest of Specimen Chamber
Module KL-411.png Module KL-411 Module 1.jpg Southeast of Deepwater Cooling Sink
Module XD-356.png Module XD-356 Module 2.1.jpg Module 2.2.jpg Top of Leyfinder Research Facility, buried under tar on the eastern side
Consortium Item.png Inquest Passcode Golem arm drop areas.jpg Found as a drop from the Inquest throughout the map.


  • IG-6417 accepts one module per day.
  • The Inquest Passcode needs to be obtained before any modules can be downloaded. You can collect the modules in any order, but they can only be installed in the order listed in the achievement.
  • Attempting to install Module XD-356 will reveal that it contains malicious programming. You will then be prompted to bring the module to Hero-Tron for reprogramming.
Hero-Tron periodically enters a scripted dialogue sequence with Marcello DiGiacomo and Ogden Stonehealer. During this time the interaction prompt is "Greet" to which there is no response. Once the dialogue sequence is over, you will be able to "Talk" to Hero-Tron for the module.
It is possible to bring Module XD-356 directly to Hero-Tron without attempting to install it in IG-6417. However, IG-6417 will not recognize the Revised Module XD-356 until presented with the original module, which can be obtained again from the console.
When interacting with the prompts quickly, IG-6417 may accept two modules daily, saying "Software upgrade in progress..." each time, with a noticeable delay for the window prompt as well as collection credit after the second installation. The second item installed will not be removed from your inventory.