Valan Stormspirit

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Valan Stormspirit


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Valan Stormspirit is an armor vendor in Stormbluff Isle.


Items offered[edit]

Note that the items sold by this vendor vary depending on player character level.

Item Type Rarity Level Cost
Chainmail Chestpiece.png Chainmail Chestpiece Heavy chest
Chainmail Leggings.png Chainmail Leggings Heavy leggings
Chainmail Footgear.png Chainmail Footgear Heavy boots
Chainmail Gauntlets.png Chainmail Gauntlets Heavy gloves
Chainmail Shoulders.png Chainmail Shoulders Heavy shoulders
Chainmail Helm.png Chainmail Helm Heavy headgear
Rawhide Vest.png Rawhide Vest Medium chest
Rawhide Leggings.png Rawhide Leggings Medium leggings
Rawhide Boots.png Rawhide Boots Medium boots
Rawhide Bracers.png Rawhide Bracers Medium gloves
Rawhide Mask.png Rawhide Mask Medium headgear
Rawhide Shoulders.png Rawhide Shoulders Medium shoulders
Apprentice Coat.png Apprentice Coat Light chest
Apprentice Pants.png Apprentice Pants Light leggings
Apprentice Shoes.png Apprentice Shoes Light boots
Apprentice Gloves.png Apprentice Gloves Light gloves
Apprentice Band.png Apprentice Band Light headgear
Apprentice Shoulders.png Apprentice Shoulders Light shoulders
Backpack Straps.png Backpack Straps Back item Basic


Hey there! You look like you could use some extra protection against that pirate lead! What good is a fancy blade when you're dead, eh?
Talk merchant tango.png Maybe, what are you selling?
Talk more option tango.png You seem...out of place here.
It's true! Some tough customers at sea sank my ship. I washed up here, but business has been so good. Why would I leave?
Talk more option tango.png How are you in business? Didn't the pirates sink your goods?
Ah, but who's talking about MY goods? Thanks to pirates, plently [sic] of valuables wash up on shore. I'm in the recovery business now!
Talk merchant tango.png OK, let's see what you've found.
Talk end option tango.png "Recovered goods" huh? Not this time.
Talk end option tango.png Glad you like it here, but I'm not staying.
Talk end option tango.png No, thanks.