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Poultry Protector

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Poultry Protector is an achievement asking you to save chickens (labelled as Chicken, Villager or Citizen), carrying them to the safe zone in various Dragon Response Missions.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Poultry Protector Champions 0Achievement points
Protect imperiled poultry endangered in disparate Dragon Response Missions.
1 0Achievement points
7 0Achievement points


This achievement can only be done during the timed pre-event in each Dragon Response Mission. If you drop the chicken, you cannot pick it up again. Every mission has several chickens in different places, though for the achievement you need only one. One or more chickens are visible at any time. Chickens will respawn in one of the locations after one is picked up.

One way to complete this achievement without interfering with your group's pre-events is to use a solo private map.

The location of chicken is randomized, these maps show some of their possible locations.

Objective Map Label Notes