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Recipe: Iron Legion Combat Blade

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Recipe: Iron Legion Combat Blade

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Recipe sheet
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A recipe to make Iron Legion Combat Blade.

— In-game description

Recipe: Iron Legion Combat Blade is a recipe sheet used to learn the recipe to craft Iron Legion Combat Blade.


Cinder Steeltemper's Footsteps Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire 10Achievement points
Collect items related to Cinder Steeltemper's history to earn her signature Steel Warband sword.Requires access to previous Icebrood Saga episodes to complete.
Tier 2:Ash Legion Combat Blade.png Ash Legion Combat Blade
Tier 3:Recipe sheet exotic sword.png Recipe: Iron Legion Combat Blade
Tier 4:Flame Legion Combat Blade.png Flame Legion Combat Blade
Tier 5:Steel Warband Combat Blade.png Steel Warband Combat Blade

Blood Legion Combat Blade
Crystallographer Smoxxi's Thoughts — Hint: Found in Eye of the North.
Record — Hint: Found in the Blood Legion fahrar in Grothmar Valley.
Metal Legion Ticket Stub — Hint: Found in the chest after the Metal Legion concert in Grothmar Valley.
Broken Rod — Hint: Found in the river near the training grounds in Grothmar Valley.
Blood Legion Badge — Hint: Purchased from a Ralley Provisioner in Grothmar Valley.
Homeguard Service Ring — Hint: Found by completing any event in Grothmar Valley.
Weaponsmith's Notes — Hint: Found in the Canton Factorium area at the Black Citadel.
Treatise on Tempering Draconic Materials — Hint: Found inside the chest at the end of Vexa's Lab in Fireheart Rise.
Primordial Slag — Hint: Chance to drop from destroyer enemies. Guaranteed from megadestroyer.
Iron Legion Combat Blade
Branded Trophy — Hint: Created by killing multiple Branded enemies in Blazeridge Steppes.
Cinder's Thoughts — Hint: Speak with Cinder after defeating the Ancient Forgeman.
Encounter Report — "We heard fighting over the ridge, but Ryland ordered us to hold the pass. If we chased the fight, we would have been surrounded."
Resistance — Hint: Destroy a large Idol of Jormag in Bjora Marches.
A Touch of Aurene's Magic
Collected 1 Item 1Achievement points
Collected 4 Items 1Achievement points
Collected 8 Items 2Achievement points
Collected 12 Items 3Achievement points
Collected 16 Items 3Achievement points