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Fallen from the Summit

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Fallen from the Summit is an achievement from Chapter 3 of the Icebrood Saga, Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire, which involves collecting journals. The eight journals are all pieces of the same work: the Journal of Forgemender Arngirn, and they will gradually fill out the Books: Records of the Stone Summit bookshelf in the Eye of the North as you collect them.

Parts 1-5 are found within the Forging Steel strike mission (only interactable after defeating the Ancient Forgeman), and parts 6-8 are located within the Darkrime Delves story instance. Note that none of the books have object nameplates, just an interaction option when you get close enough.


Fallen from the Summit Visions of the Past: Steel and Fire 5Achievement points
Scour the area to retrieve intel on hostile forces in the Forging Steel and Darkrime Delves visions.
  • Journal 1 in Forging Steel
  • Journal 2 in Forging Steel
  • Journal 3 in Forging Steel
  • Journal 4 in Forging Steel
  • Journal 5 in Forging Steel
  • Journal 6 in Darkrime Delves
  • Journal 7 in Darkrime Delves
  • Journal 8 in Darkrime Delves
Discovered 8 Hidden Records 5Achievement points


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